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Cheryl Weber has been burning calories through Orange Theory Fitness! Read on to find out how this works! More
Since we are on this journey for healthy and lasting change, I'm digging deep to overcome every roadblock and hindrance that gets in the way of me really achieving the results I want. More
Where ever you are on your fitness journey, please join me today in re-committing to the process. This is not just about external results, but permanent, lasting change that comes from the inside out. More
For most of us, being limited does NOT mean we can't work out. It just means we have to find avenues that work for our body, especially as we age. More
Lisa Pak is a pastor and spokesperson for Light Korean Presbyterian Church, a Toronto area church whose pastor, Rev. Lim, has been missing inside North Korea for a month. Lisa Pak Education Director, Light Korean Presbyterian Church in Mississauga, More
Today, Cheryl Weber will talk about her weight-loss journey with Dr. Merry C. Lin More
After years of low fat eating, Cheryl Weber is now being challenged to eat more proteins and good fats. The results of such a change will be... More
But I'm already remembering the golden rule of weight loss: exercise only makes up about 25% of the process. 75% of it is what you put in your mouth. More
On the plus side, I have help from 3 different avenues - fitness classes, a nutritionist and a very wise life coach. But on the downside, everyone in my life knows what I'm doing. I mean, everyone. More
As I began my search for a trainer, I wasn't finding someone that fit with my crazy schedule. Then I came across a sign on the side of the road: "Join our January Weight Loss Challenge at Orangetheory Fitness." Hmmm..... that got me wondering - wh More
I literally mulled and prayed over it for an entire month before I sheepishly brought it up in our guesting meeting: What do you think about following my weight loss journey on television? More
Crossroads Relief and Development Producer Cheryl Weber shares her outrage at the ongoing situation in Northern Nigeria as Islamic extremist group Boko Haram continue to murder over 2,000 people since the beginning of this year. More
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