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Twenty years ago yesterday my life changed forever. It's the anniversary of a day that could've either derailed me for years or set my course in God stronger than ever before. I thank HIM that it did the latter. More
Ann Mainse reminds us that the enemy of our souls already has our culture engaged. Now more than ever we have to understand that connecting with our culture isn't optional. More
Whether silly and trivial or deep and profound, sometimes you just want to remember what people say. And although they didn't know it, there were some people in the book of Luke who were about to hear words of wisdom from Jesus that were absolutely More
Ann Mainse shares a page from her diary and her secret to her daily renewed strength. More
When we truly reflect the image of Jesus, there will be no mistaking the portrait the world will see. More
A few years ago our family had a dog named Scottie. When Scottie was just a one-year-old puppy, I noticed him looking a little green around the gills.... More
"The Spirit of life in Christ, like a strong wind, has magnificently cleared the air, freeing you from a fated lifetime of brutal tyranny at the hands of sin and death." - Romans 8:2 (MSG) More
Ann encourages us to lean on God and trust in His goodness and love. More
When we hear the word "meek", negative connotations like "shy", "spineless" or "weak" comes to mind. Yet, as Ann Mainse points out, there is Power in Meekness. More
Many people don't realise that mothers do work! It's a job that often get no recognition. Yet, it is one of the highest calling. Ann Mainse shares her story. More
Ann Mainse look into some of the questions people might have about the Cross. More
Ann Mainse looked into what is the cost of Love. More
Ann recounts the day that she first met Justin Bieber and urges us to keep him in our prayers. More
Spring is in the air. At least that's what they say. To be honest, as I look outside MY window, what I see is SNOW in the air! But Spring is definitely on my calendar. Yep, there it is, written in big stylized letters: Spring Begins. More
She felt a nudge from the Lord "Get Up". She could never imagine that her obedience to simply get out of bed a few minutes early, meant saving a strangers life. God wants to use us, If we'll only... More
The true story of the Olympic medal more valuable than gold. More
Every time we enter into intimate interaction with God through prayer, we have the opportunity to leave changed. If we will only give Him our concerns, our heartaches, our families. More
Ann Mainse shares a healthy recipe that her family had discovered! More
Have you ever asked, "What if..."? Ever thought about "If only..."? Ann share a little on her answer to these questions! More
Ann Mainse shares on her commitment to the Daniel Plan! More
Do you know everything about Christmas? Are you sure that's what the bible said? Check your Christmas Knowledge with this Quiz! More
Have you ever wondered what it really means to let your light shine? Let Ann Mainse shed some light on this subject! More
Have you ever wondered why we say certain phrases, like "Have a nice day"? When reading God's Word we know that every word has meaning and there's not one phrase that's simply "nice". More
A life-lesson from one of our favourite childhood classics. More
The story of "Roaring Camp" and how the presence of one tiny life changed everything. More
Two events converging as one. Two distinct sides to one very necessary coin. Yes, the Man-child was born into the human family. But for that to happen, the God-Son had to be given. And He was. More
Jesus came to break the power of death and deliver us from the fear of dying. By doing so, He reminds us that His power is the strongest of all. More
Ann Mainse shares with us how meeting the universal need of loneliness is one way in which we live out our faith. More
Ann Mainse shares a simple yet amazing recipe that will be a hit at any party! More
Finding Courage in Unusual Places More
I peaked out of the window just long enough to see that all of the lights in the neighbourhood had gone out, not just ours. More
How an innocent season-of-life discovery led to lessons learned from a "petite giant of a woman" More
We're expanding our territory! Through the Grace of God, the gifts of His people, and the talents of our staff, we here at Crossroads are excited to dive head-first into a fresh approach of spreading More
Ann shares with us how God moves beyond the paper to being personal More
A delicious baked rice with butternut squash & asparagus recipe More
God used imperfect people to introduce Perfection to the world. More
About Ann Mainse

Ann was born in Fort Sam Houston, Texas, into a U.S. military family. Even though she was born in Texas, she didn't live there long as her family was always moving to yet another army base. In fact, by the time she was 20 years old, she had moved almost 20 times. But it was the move she made to attend Evangel University that ultimately changed her life. Not only did she complete a Bachelors degree in Business Administration (and she can even take shorthand at 120 wpm! "La-de-da," says Ann), it was there that, at the tender age of 17, she met her future husband Ron, son of Crossroads founder David Mainse. They eventually married in 1984 and are the parents of three grown children, Andrea, Adam and Eric, one son-in-law, Jason, and two of the most adorable and mischievous mini-golden-doodle puppies anywhere, Charlie and Bella.

As a stay-at-home mom for 15 years and babysitting during the day for an extra income, Ann often led a weekly women's Bible study in her home. Never comfortable in front of the camera, every Christmas season Ann would get queasy as she contemplated the annual family appearance on 100 Huntley Street. So you can imagine her reluctance when, in the summer of 1999, God gently called, and Ann hesitantly answered, for her to begin hosting with Ron the Tuesday edition of the CTS morning show, which was known as "Rise and Shine."

In January 2001, Ann was asked to join the Crossroads flagship program, 100 Huntley Street, to host a daily devotional segment entitled "Sincerely Yours"... a two-year journey through the New Testament. Again, with butterflies the size of buzzards, Ann answered the call. Crossroads has published many of those devotionals in a book series entitled "Sincerely Yours." After that, it was a natural progression for Ann and her husband Ron to begin hosting the daily 100 Huntley Street program, which they did from January 2005 through April 2009.

By now, trusting God for the big stuff seemed to be second nature, so in mid-2005, Ann felt God lead her to establish a special TV connection for women where they could share their hearts in an open, conversational format. So in January 2006, Crossroads launched a new Friday edition of 100 Huntley Street called 100 Huntley Street Full Circle, with Ann as the ringleader of the "Sofa Sisters."