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Young Leaders / RYAN HARMON

One of the questions in any age is how does one relate to another? As part of our Generation 2 Generation initiative here at 100 Huntley Street, Carey Nieuwhof sits down with a number of young people, over different periods of time to have conversations.

Today Carey chats with Ryan Harmon, youth pastor at Lakemount Church in Ontario.

What is the one thing that Ryan worries about most right now?

"I worry most about the kind of world I am going to leave for my kids. I worry a lot about what it is going to look like, 20, 30, 40 years from now" says Ryan.

Ryan's question form Carey is what are some things that you can look back on in the beginning of your ministry, and think you should not have focused so much on that, or maybe what you would have wanted to focus more on?

"I wish had taken the personal journey more seriously sooner. I sent people to counselling, I did not go to counselling, I was that kind of a guy, and then my wife finally said you need to go to counselling, she was right and I wish I had gone sooner" explains Carey.

Carey also advises to trust your gut, as it is pretty reliable.

Ryan explains that he is very thankful for people like Carey who have come out with great strategies and great ways on how we can help the world around us, and get plugged into places that need to know the gospel.  

The number one demographic for Carey's podcast are people 25-34 which show the need for the younger generation to gain education and wisdom.  

"I wasn't that open to generational coaching when I was your age so I think it is a fun time we live in for sure" says Carey. 

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