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The Source of Joy / JEN & LINDA BARRICK

Linda Barrick is the host of a new Bible Study DVD on Philippians entitled "Total Bliss".  She leads a group of over 550 women at Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Virgina in a weekly Bible Study.

Through the years, Philippians has become a ‘Go-to' book find strength and joy especially after the horrific events Linda and her family have faced when they were hit head on by a drunk driver 10 years ago which left all 4 members of their family effected for life.

In "Total Bliss" Linda and her daughter Jen expound on this cherished book in the Bible and show how even in the midst of turmoil; pain and the issues of life there is a source of joy that can lead to "Total Bliss"!

This 5 week study of Philippians will take you on a journey with the Apostle Paul as he encourages and challenges us to:

- Discover the Source of True Joy

- Uncover the Secret of Contentment

- Release Anxiety and Embrace God's Peace

- Experience the Fruit of a Joyful Heart.   

For more information of their ministry, please visit:

Also, for a limited time only, we are offering Total Bliss DVD as a special offer to you for your donation to Crossroads' ministry!

Please call 1800-265-3100 to request your copy.

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