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The Daniel Plan Day 29: Circuit Training

"When movement is experienced as joy, it adorn's our lives, makes our days go better and gives us something to look forward to. When movement is joyful and meaningful, it may even inspire us to do things we never thought possible" - The Daniel Plan. 

Today Cary Gordon is showing Moira, Ron and Jerry a circuit workout. The items you will need for this include a large bath towel, a hard chair, and plenty of water! 

Towel Shake:

(Jerry) Grab the top of the towel and shake the towel by holding it straight out in front of you allowing the bottom of the towel to just touch the ground. You should feel this in your arms!

Chair Squats:

 (Ron) Placing your feet shoulder width apart, squat down into the chair, touching it and return to standing position. Repeat.

(Jerry) Holding one leg out in front and the other grounded in line with the chair (should form a 90 degree angle when you sit) sit down into the chair, and return to standing position. Repeat on other leg.

Arm Rotations:

(Moira) Holding your arms straight out from your shoulders, make small rotations with your arms without bending your elbows. Change rotation direction.

(Ron) Holding your arms straight out in front of you, clap your hands together and bring your arms behind you, clapping together again. Repeat.

Leg Lifts:

(Moira) Standing at the back of the chair, holding on to the back for stability, keep one leg planted and move your other leg out to the side and return to standing position. Repeat as many times as you want and switch legs.

Chair Press:

(Moira and Ron) On a sturdy chair, place your hands down with your fingers towards your body on the edge of the chair. Walking your feet forward, and moving your body off the chair, extend your legs out and bring your arms to a 90 degree angle, and press up without locking your arms. Repeat.

Don't forget the 5-5-5 rule! Choose five of these exercises to do five times a day, five repetitions each! For more fitness videos on Crossroads360, CLICK HERE

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