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Supporting Post Secondary Students through Candy

Andy Gourley is the Founder and Director of RedFrogs Australia and CEO of Red Frogs Support Network.

In Canada RedFrogs has impacted over 150, 000 university and college students.

Their program aims to care for both the student unions and on-campus residences by assisting in the minimization of drug and alcohol related incidents.

They use non-verbal and non-confrontational peer modelling to communicate the ability to have a great time on campus without the need for alcohol or other substances.

Red frogs started as a conversation piece to help kids who are going to concerts and festivals and post-secondary students that are involved in binge drinking to help them in the name of Jesus.

When Mr. Gourley was university in Australia, during his downtime, he would volunteer at his local church with skateboarders and local skate clubs in his area that would get a little trouble in the night time. He started youth clubs. Gourley was invited by some of the youth to spring break events, it was there that he saw 30 000 students engaging in drunkenness and partying. He went to a local hotel manager and stated that he was a youth worker, did they need help with controlling the area? The manager accepted. After helping out at another party where Gourley brought red frog gummies, he noticed the students eating up the frogs, and that is when his ministry began.

Today, 20 tonnes of red frogs are consumed yearly in Australia as a part of the Red Frog Ministry.

The main purpose of the ministry is to serve young people, not to judge them.

"It's a real privilege to do what we do, students are our future doctors and lawyers and future leaders. It is a privilege to be able to help them" explains Grouley."

"People need to see a living example of what your belief system is. We come from a real non-judgemental approach, loving, serving and being an example or what having fun looks like when you are not drunk." 

We need to make ourselves available for this generation. It doesn't matter what you do, as long as you do something. 

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