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So Working Out Doesn't Mean I Can Eat Whatever I Want?

I have a confession.  I may have started my weight loss journey just a little bit before we announced it on television.  Just the fitness part though.  I couldn't bear the thought of falling on my face during a push-up attempt on camera.  Unfortunately, even after 7 Orangetheory classes, I still can't really do a push-up (and my arms are killing me!). 

But I'm already remembering the golden rule of weight loss:  exercise only makes up about 25% of the process.  75% of it is what you put in your mouth.  Argghh!!!  That might explain why I've only lost 3 lbs after two weeks of intense work-outs.  I mean, I've tried to eat better - and I have.  But there is something about working out that makes you feel like you might just be able to get away with a little bit more snacking than usual.  After all, your metabolism is burning like a furnace after that exercise class!

My fitness instructor really summed up the challenge for me:  "It's one thing to book off an hour to work out, quite another to perfectly control what you're eating for the other twenty-three."  Genius!  I think she put her finger on the problem. 

Working out is about DOING something.  As a goal-oriented person, I am accomplishing something by working my body.  Eating well (in my mind) is about NOT doing something.  Not eating chocolate.  Not drinking sugary drinks.  Avoiding the yummy Valentine's Day food around the office.  NOT eating too much!  Somehow I find it easier to do something - like that gratifying feeling you get when you sign up for the gym- even if you never go. 

I already can hear our life coach Dr. Merry in my mind.  I'm pretty sure there's a better way to look at all of this. I'll have to ask.  In the meantime, I met with our nutritionist Juliana last night and I'm off to the grocery store to stock up on a completely different way of eating - more of that in my next blog. 

Have you decided to join us yet?  Changing your life is much easier when we're doing it together. We'd love to see you transform with us!

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