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Smart Development

Tackling poverty and injustice is the work of aid, relief and development. But recently the industry has come under scrutiny. Many say aid causes more damage than good because it creates dependency. Others complain projects fail to address the right needs. And still others say money is wasted or lost through corruption, marketing or bureaucracy.

That's why Crossroads Relief and Development is careful with each project - making sure they don't fall in these categories.

Instead we practice what we like to call "Smart Development".

For the last 30 years Crossroads has been working across the world. Most recently in Haiti, Uganda, Kenya, Ukraine and Cambodia. There is a story behind every project we are involved in. It's the story of smart development - an approach that puts dignity, empowerment and sustainability at the helm of our work. 

Our work in each country is unique -- determined by different challenges of food security, access to clean water, health care, literacy, education, counseling or economic growth.

Smart development means we don't start doing anything until we've identified the right need and solution. And that means a few things:

  • Listening to the local leaders and community members because they are an expert on what they really need.
  • Sustainability - Finding solutions that will work long after we leave that region.
  • True Partnership - A partnership requires that there is something of equal value put into the partnership.  The population cannot ever hope to be the rebuilders of their country when they continue to operate from a position of expectation and not from motivation.

Smart development is another way of saying we are careful and thoughtful stewards of money, time and resources. At the heart of all we do is the belief God has created each person with intrinsic value and worth.

To support our worldwide ministry...

Phone: 1800-265-3100

Mobile: Text the word "life" to 41010 to donate $10


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