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Small Adjustments = Big Gains

Since we are on this journey for healthy and lasting change, I'm digging deep to overcome every roadblock and hindrance that gets in the way of me really achieving the results I want.  Over the last few weeks, I noticed a disturbing trend:  weight loss during the week as I worked out and ate well. Ok, that's not disturbing.  The disturbing part came on the weekends when I was attending events, parties and eating out at restaurants.  It seemed impossible to make the same great choices!  So a few pounds gained over the weekend melted away in the next week's good eating and exercise.  That's great, isn't it?  Well it's better than gaining pounds permanently, but what I had found was a great maintenance plan.  And right now, maintenance is not what I needed.  I need to lose.  That means making some adjustments.

You know that some wise man said that it's a form of insanity to keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result.  So I made two small adjustments in my eating this week.  One - I added more vegetables.  I noticed that somehow in my busyness they had kind of dropped off the radar.  I knew from my awesome nutritionist Juliana that they are a key part of my eating plan.  Two - I stopped adding the extra calories I burned in my Orangetheory class to my total calories for the day.  Even though the fitness app I'm using (MyFitness Pal) asks me to add them, I don't.  I need those workouts to be that extra push my body needs to change.  And guess what?  I can already see it's making a difference.  Yippee!

And for the weekend thing?  I planned better for the events I knew I would be attending.  I ate less beforehand, tried to control my portions at the event and fit in fitness on the weekends whenever I could.  That really seemed to help.  And it showed me that sometimes it's not huge and dramatic changes that you need, but small incremental (permanent) changes that can make all the difference.  Take a minute and think how you might be slowing down your journey.  Do you need to add more vegetables?  Eat less salt?  Fit in one more work out a week?  Drink more water?  (Eat less chocolate?)  Take a week and do a few new things to help you on your journey.  The results just might surprise you!

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