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Ride of Your Life: Billy Graham Library

Over two years ago Crossroads Founder, David Mainse, was diagnosed with cancer and given two years to live. Today, his health has greatly improved, his energy is back, and his doctor calls it, "Jaw-dropping remarkable!" David believes God has touched his body in a miraculous way, and he decided to make a statement with the Ride of Your Life! It was a crazy idea that he had, to ride his bike all the way from Florida, USA to Port Dover, Canada!

Off to Billy Graham Library

David Mainse stopped by North Carolina at the Billy Graham Library and was greeted warmly by Billy Graham's grandson, Will Graham. Will actually rode all the way from Nashville to spend some time with David.

The library and museum is set up in a way that the first thing you will see is a big barn which represents Billy Graham's humble beginning. There is a big cross right on the front and everyone has to go through the foot of the cross to enter - a symbol of our relationship with Jesus.

Next will be the Memorial Prayer Garden where Will's grandmother, Ruth Graham, was buried. Ruth had passed away in 2007. When you step into the Garden, you will come to a brick path that is in the shape of the cross. Ruth is strategically buried at the foot of the cross.

Billy Graham's Humility

The one thing that struck Will most about his grandfather was the humility Billy Graham possesses.

"He is the most humble man I've ever met. He has everything, every right to have pride or anything like that but he never had it. It was just simply to follow Christ and to be obedient to Him."

For David, Billy Graham had opened the roadway as an amazing example of a biblical and righteous evangelist. A countless number of people and ministries owe a tremendous debt to the Graham family having been touched by Billy's worldwide ministry over the years.

One day, Billy too will be buried beside his wife, right here in the Billy Graham Library. This is what he has said about his own death:

"One day you will hear that Billy Graham is dead. Don't believe it. From that day, I will be more alive than I have ever been."

Truly, a remarkable man and a remarkable life lived out for Christ.

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