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Reconciling Fathers and Sons

Dave Morgan's brokenness began at a young age with the diagnosis of a learning disability which he allowed to become his identity. Feelings of worthlessness and stupidity contributed to depression and were the catalysts for a downward spiral. His frustrations turned to anger and his relationships with his family suffered, especially Dave's relationship with his Father. Dave found an escape from his brokenness in a dark world of drugs and alcohol.

From the bottom floor up

Dave hit rock bottom in 2007. He reached the place where many drug addicts and alcoholics had to look - from the bottom floor up and say "God, I need you".

He decided that he need to leave his 3 year old son and find Jesus - to find Him and get healed for his addictions; to know Jesus in a personal and real way. That was hard leaving his son crying at the top of the stairs, "Daddy, don't leave me!" It was a scene that haunted him in his heart.

Upon arriving in Alberta, he sat in the back of his parents car, weeping.

"I did it for you..."

Dave had an opportunity to build a cross for an Easter play for the church. He was building it in an old industrial warehouse, trying to make it look old and rugged. So he took the hammer that he had found and started beating the cross and chipping the wood away.

Slowly, with every swing, the Lord said, "You did this to me..."

But from one swing to the next, God also said, "But I did this for you..."

With that inner voice repeating after every swing, Dave broke down and wept uncontrollably.

When he finally stood up and looked his tears on that cross, God showed him two things. Firstly, He showed Dave what freedom from addiction is. God took away addictions to drugs and alcohol from Dave's life in that moment. He also showed him what salvation really meant, not just what He did for Dave, but for everyone.

Today, Dave is the director of a program called Stepping Up Young Fathers at Greater Vancouver Youth for Christ, working to encourage and support young fathers and fatherless young men. God had restored the relationship between Dave and his son. Dave is a dynamic speaker who captivates his audience with his amazing story of redemption.

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