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Preparing to Head Back to School / DR. ANDREW L. BLACKWOOD WEB EXCLUSIVE

In this web exclusive, Dr. Andrew L. Blackwood joins Greg Musselman to share tips to get students ready to head back to school.

Tips for Heading Back to School:

1.     Routine and Rest - Some kids take a longer time to transition than others, so be patient, yet clear and firm about age appropriate structured times for bed and other expectations (i.e. balanced investment in work, rest and play).

2.     Find and hold onto the positives: Tap into aspects that your children are looking forward to, it may be hard to find for some, but there will always be something. Be sure to spend the most time talking about what interests them.

3.     Identify Anxiety/Stress Early - School can be stressful.  Look and listen for signs of Anxiety and stress so you can empower them to address their concerns - sometimes avoidance and procrastination can be reactions to feeling hesitant and ill-equipped, of course silence and isolation can also be signs of significant challenges like bullying or depression.

4.     Be a proactive partner - Stay engaged with your child and their teachers throughout the year.  Waiting too long to learn that homework is not being completed or that there are other concerns only adds pressure for parents and children.

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