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Work out with a buddy

Bonding with a friend through some sweat and hard work has been proven to keep individuals on their fitness journeys for longer periods of time. You might skip a workout on your own but you are less likely to bail on your friend!  Plus you have someone to share your success with! Group exercise classes come with workout buddies, energy and a healthy amount of friendly competition!

Feel at home

Sticking with your fitness plan is much easier when the workout environment reflects your values and you feel welcome. Do the staff (and other members) know your name? Is there a sense of community? Do you want to give back to your community? Exercising with like-minded people in a supportive and fun environment takes the ‘work' out of it and fitness becomes your lifestyle.

Change it up - often!

Variety is the spice of life and this couldn't be more true in reaching your fitness goals. Throw new routines and exercises at your body to create muscle confusion and avoid plateauing. Do you usually do cardio before strength exercises? Well, switch it up! Then switch it again! Success is more likely to happen when you keep your body guessing and your mind engaged!

Keep it simple

You don't need fancy or complicated equipment to reach your fitness goals. Sometimes the most effective exercises are the simplest. Using your own bodyweight in exercises such as planks, squats, push-ups and lunges provides great results plus you can do them anywhere! Combine functional strength training with a high intensity interval based cardio component in a one hour workout to get maximum benefit! An effective, efficient results oriented workout makes the best use of your most precious commodity: time!

Fit your needs?

If you have chronic/acute conditions or special needs, you may not know if you can exercise or how to modify your workout regime. Knowledgeable, experienced and educated instructors such as Orangetheory Fitness coaches can provide you with options and challenges to help you regain, maintain or improve your  level of fitness while respecting your body's needs.

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Article Written By: Jake Saraphanian - Head Trainer, Orangetheory® Fitness Fairview

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