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One Dress One Year

In high school, Bethany wore a dress for a year to raise awareness about and money to end human trafficking. Shortly after that project ended, she was invited to co-write a book about it titled "One Year, One Dress" Bethany is presently a college student living with some chronic health issues. She is studying social justice with a concentration in environmental justice.

Did Bethany really wear a dress for an entire year?

"I did, all 366 days because that year was a leap year" says Bethany.

Bethany would wear the dress with different sweaters, shorts, leggings. She would wear the dress in many ways throughout the year. Bethany started wearing the dress when she was sixteen. She wore the dress as a way to raise money and awareness about human trafficking and how to end it. Bethany had learned about human trafficking in middle school and high school. She decided she could not know that human trafficking existed and not do something about it. Bethany's goal was to raise one hundred thousand dollars when she started wearing the dress. In the end, Bethany raised 8615, one tenth about what she wanted to raise. Initially, Bethany felt like she was not doing enough. At the same time, she also got to watch people learn about human trafficking, and watching people decide that they could not do nothing once they had now learned about human trafficking.

"It was amazing all of the things that I wound up learning about myself and about God through that process because, I set out to change the world for other people. I was not expecting for it to impact me so deeply" explains Bethany.



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