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My Injuries Mean I Can’t Work Out, Right?

Getting diagnosed with a back injury, arthritis condition or some other restriction which limits your ability to work out can be discouraging - even fatal to your work out ambitions.  I mean, seriously.  It's hard enough to get up the will to get your body moving.  But then to find out you can't do what other people can do?  It's just not fair!

For most of us, being limited does NOT mean we can't work out.  It just means we have to find avenues that work for our body, especially as we age.  I have painful osteo-arthritis in my ankle from a very traumatic break years ago so I've been told I can't run, powerwalk or do anything with impact.  Arghhh!  That's so frustrating. 

But I had to make a decision that even though I missed power walking and cardio classes, there was still lots I could do:  biking, elliptical and anything in the pool.  Thankfully, Orangetheory Fitness where I'm working out also has options in all of their classes for people who are limited in different ways - you just have to ask the trainer.  When everyone is on the treadmill, I'm on the elliptical.  And where there is impact, the trainer gives me non-impact alternatives.

It's made me realize once again - life never happens the way you plan it.  Surprises, both good and bad, are always up ahead.  But I really believe what makes a person is how they deal with life's challenges.  We don't have to let setbacks hold us back.  We just need to find a way around them.  Maybe you can't do as much as other people.  Don't focus on what you can't do.  What can you do?  Just get moving!

I'm already seeing the rewards of my decision.  Not only am I still getting fit, but I have less pain in my ankle because arthritis benefits from activity. So take up the challenge with me today!  Let's be wise and careful, but also motivated and creative - what can we do to get moving in way that works with our challenges?  Drop me a line and let me know what you're doing to get fit!


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