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Ministering to the Muslim Women

JoAnn Doyle, Director of "Not Forgotten Women's Ministry," joins Cheryl Weber in the studio to share her heart for ministering to Muslim women - both at home and in the Middle East.  Both JoAnn & her husband Tom have a passion for the Church, particularly in the least reached areas of the world.  JoAnn recalls a time when she felt like she didn't really understand Muslim women, even felt intimidated by them, but as her ministry began to grow she got to know more and more Muslim women and felt touched by the stories that they had to share. 

JoAnn discusses difficult topics that are unfortunately a common occurrence for Muslim women.  These topics include abuse and honour killings, which come as a result of an honour and shame system.  When a family feels that a woman has brought shame to her family - often through some kind of traumatic event for the woman such as sexual assault, the family feels that they need to restore honour to the family by hiding the evidence of the incident, commonly by causing further physical abuse to the woman or an honour killing. 

In light of the many terrorist attacks worldwide, JoAnn mentions that it is often easy for people, including Christians to be fearful of Muslim culture, but it is important to push past that fear to accomplish effective ministry and gain a stronger understanding of these people. 

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