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Liver Transplant Recipient Grateful for Gift of Life

Cst. Allan Stevenson worked as an editor/field Camera Operator at 100 Huntley Street from August 1992 - May 2005. He is definitely not a stranger to us at Crossroads Christian Communications Inc as he has been hanging around the office since he was a little kid. His father used to work with Crossroads, producing the French version of 100 Huntley Street back in the days.

While Allan loved his media work, he got hooked with law enforcement after a ride along with his cousin one night. It was a busy night and when he got home, he told his wife that he wanted to do it. She just rolled over and asked him to go back to bed!

After praying over this for some time, the couple decided that a career change for Allan seems to be the right way to go. As such, they started applying for extra insurance coverage. Allan was declined for the application.

It turns out that Allan has a rare form of auto immune disease - primary sclerosing cholangitis. This form of auto immune disease attacks the liver. It starts clogging up the liver, causing the person to become more and more toxic. For the most part, most people can go on with life without feeling any difference.

That was the case for Allan, he did not feel anything different. He was still running and just taking regular medications. All these took a turn for the worse in July 2013.

He started feeling tired and over the months of July and August, he was experiencing extreme itchiness and was turning yellow. These are signs of one's liver shutting down. Allan was hospitalized after Christmas.

Liver transplant was the only option.

"You are not going to perish on my watch…"

Allan's platoon was taking good care of him and his wife throughout the whole journey. They paid for the parking for his wife, bringing him coffee or just encouraging him the whole time. When he went back to work in February, he told his platoon mates that he need a new liver, and within 20 minutes 2 people had approached him about donating their liver to him.

One of them texted him and said, "You are not going to perish on my watch."

In fact, the number of people who had stepped up to the plate had clogged up the system. The transplant coordinator ask his friends to stop calling because they can't process all the requests! The response was overwhelming.

Even though there were a couple of matches among the applications, God has another plan in mind.

The Morning that Changed His Life

Allan was told that a deceased donor will take another 1 to 2 years, so a live donor seemed to be the most viable option. On May 15, 2014, Allan and his wife were preparing for a fundraiser in honor of his donor, to help cover the costs of the procedures. But they received a call from his transplant coordinator at 5am.

It was a call to let him know that there was a possible match for him and he need to be in London, Ontario within the next hour. They got into the car and drive. It was a quiet drive.

He wasn't nervous or fearful throughout this whole process and journey. The only time he had fret was the moment before his surgery. He wondered how his life would be after the surgery; would life go back to normal?

The answer was yes, miraculously.

Allan got out of the hospital in 5 days and has been experiencing a speedy recovery. He made it a point to let everyone around him know that God is good. He knew that if he is to live a real Christian life, where he truly believe that God is the author of everything, he has to live life fully.

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