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Ladies of Duck Dynasty Feature in Fall Issue of WHOA Women Magazine

The Robertson's are one of America's favorite families, largely due to A&E's Duck Dynasty, a reality show documenting the ins and outs of their personal and professional lives. The family made plenty of headlines this year, most notably when Phil Robertson faced suspension from the show for his Biblical stance on homosexuality in a controversial interview with GQ Magazine.

Phil is the patriarch of the family, and his preacher-style monologues often dominate the show while the women in the family take a back-seat role.

WHOA Women Magazine is attempting to right that imbalance with their recent fall issue. In the issue, they sat down with Korie and Lisa Robertson, as well as Phil's wife Kay to discuss family, faith, fame and future.

Kay talks about the difficult first days of her marriage to Phil, when Phil was on a football scholarship at Louisiana Tech.  "My boys were as poor as church mice in an old church". The family fortunes turned when Phil invented the now-famous Duck Commander duck call, but Kay holds onto their wealth with loose hands. "We have been so blessed now, but I feel if the Lord takes it all away tomorrow, everybody's strength is in Him and their families, so it doesn't matter if they live in a shack or on the side of the road. It is going to continue."

Their faith in Christ is clearly central to their families and marriages, and despite being cast in Phil's shadow at times, Lisa Robertson has an equally powerful testimony of how the gospel shaped and changed her life and marriage after a 14-month affair. When discussing marital struggles, Lisa has this advice:

• Confess and own your sins. If you don't know Jesus, get someone to help you find your way to Him and His ways. (Lisa says, "Now, I am speaking from someone who has had the affair but I still think your first thing has got to be your relationship with Jesus Christ.")

• Find a Christian counselor.

• Find a group you can study the Bible with and can hold you accountable.

• Find a local church where you feel that you belong.

• Forgive - you have to forgive the offender, forgive loved ones and forgive yourself.

You can pick up an issue of WHOA Women Magazine to read more.

You can also check out this half hour feature on the Robertsons, courtesy of I Am Second.

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