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CFL Legend Michael 'Pinball' Clemons is the Co-Founder of the Michael Pinball Clemons Foundation. Their mission is to Empower Youth and Inspire Dreams. Their mandate is to support youth in high priority neighborhoods locally and around the world.

Michael is a man of unquestionable character and spirit. Not only is he renowned for his achievements on the football field, Michael's aptitude for motivational speaking is undeniable. His tireless community involvement and participation in countless charitable causes exemplify the qualities he possesses, which are so rarely found in today's professional athletes.

He knows that it is God who had given him the platform and therefore, it is up to him now to steward that platform to the best of his abilities for the sake of God's glory.

"Speak the gospel wherever you go and if necessary, use words." That is the idea behind Michael's upcoming event on June 8 - Just Give.

It has been a philosophy of Michael's that one should give to something that one is passionate about as there are so many different causes all around. So on June 8, Michael is rallying people in Ontario to give in whatever ways they want to give. Opticians are giving out free eye examinations and eye glasses, free hugs in City Hall and many other activities.

The key of it all will be the food drive, where they are looking to break Ontario's record of the biggest food drive in history!

For more information about Just Give, please visit

 For more information on Michael "Pinball" Clemons, please visit:

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