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Jesus Raised Lazarus from the Dead

Joe Amaral teaches on John 11.

This is the story of the death of Lazarus, one of Jesus' closest friend. Jesus received news that Lazarus was dying and instead of rushing over to where he lives, Jesus stayed where He was for another couple of days.

Strangely enough, Jesus only got up and left after  He received news that Lazarus has passed away. It seems like Jesus was late. He could have gone over upon receiving the first set of news and heal him. 

When Jesus showed up, He asked Mary and Martha how long Lazarus had been dead. They said he has been in the grave for 4 days.

The Jewish people believe that when a person dies, the spirit will hover over the body for 3 days. If God empowers the person who is praying, the spirit can reenter the body. But on the morning of the 4th day, due to the decaying of the body, the spirit would not recognize it and will then leave and be gone forever. Therefore, resurrection will not be possible beyond 3 days.

It is on the 4th day that Jesus prayed. It was on the 4th day the Jesus raised him up from the dead - a feat that no man should be able to accomplish. 

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