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How to Start Restoring Broken Relationships / DR. NEIL T. ANDERSON

If you can't live with others, you are not walking with God.

If you can't live with yourself, you are not listening to God.

The Spirit of God is going to bring conviction to our hearts. He wants us to live a righteous life, to love Him and love one another.

So if you are looking for God to guide you in your life, He is not going to guide you away from the difficult decisions that we have to make. Forgiving another person and choosing to repent are 2 of such decisions.

As Dr. Neil T. Anderson points out, we all have a will and God is not going to trample on it. He will always tell us, "It is your choice."

If you had truly forgiven someone, you will not use the past to use it against that person. Moreover, if you are truly going to forgive just as Christ has forgiven you, then you will need to take the sin of the other person upon you. In other words, you are agreeing to living with the consequence of that person's sin.

It doesn't sound fair does it? However, we have to do it as Christ followers. We are all living in the consequences of somebody else's sin. The difference is, do you want to live in the bondage of bitterness or the freedom of forgiveness?

Therefore, choose forgiveness.

Let the Cross be your justice. 

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