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Great Reads For Parents - Sex Education

It's no secret that our children are presented with many different messages about sex in our culture. As Christian parents we should be the ones giving guidance to our children and helping them walk through this stage of their life. Many parents are concerned about what is being taught in school and through the media - so today we have some resources to share with you that will help you walk your family through these important conversations.

First up is Passport2Purity by Dennis and Barbara Rainy. This is a really well done and creative kit for families with preteens. It focuses on topics like Choices, Friendship and Peer Pressure, Changes in Him and Her, Setting Boundaries and Dating. It's designed to be a weekend experience with great ideas to make this happen. There is a video to watch on each topic  - with a workbook and journal for parents and teens to go through together. We know these kinds of conversations often can be awkward, but I really like the way this material is presented - it's fun and relational and really positive for families to do together. You can pick this resource up on Amazon.

Next up, a brand new book by Jarrod Sechler and Dannah Gresh called "It's Great to be a Guy." I think this book is incredibly well done, and if you have a preteen boy and you are wondering how to start those conversations with him, this is the book you need to get. It's really fun and interactive with puzzles, games and fill-in the blanks, but also have great Biblical teaching and perspective that is age appropriate for young boys. Dannah Gresh has also written a similar book for Girls, called It's Great to be a Girl and I think both these books are a must have for parents of preteens looking for a Biblical view on sexuality for their children and will help them have those conversations together.

And finally, a book to guide parents as they navigate these issues "More than just The Talk" by Jonathan McKee is a must have for your parenting library. It's hard sometimes to know where to start when it comes to talking to your children about sex, and this book is current and relevant. It shares how to have meaningful and real conversations about sex with your kids that are ongoing.  Chapters deal with pornography, communication, how far to go in relationships - with specific chapters for discussions geared towards communicating with boys vs. girls. As a parent of teenagers, I found this book to be really helpful and insightful when it comes to becoming the person that your kids will talk about about sex. Parents, this book will help you immensely.

These are often hard topics to navigate in your family, but oh so important for parents to be having these conversation. Pick up these resources at our estore at 100

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