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Grandpa Aims to Beat His Own World Record

Arvid Loewen is bicycling from Vancouver to Halifax in an attempt to break the Guinness World record that he himself set in 2011. It is all to raise funds for a cause that is close to Crosssroads heart; The Mully Children's Family. We have partnered with that ministry that rescues kids off of Kenya's streets for more than a decade. Arvid is currently on his bike and joins us by phone.

He started his trip as planned on July 2, but had an accident. He came into a very steep decline with a very sharp turn and came into it at too high of a speed and it was impossible for him to keep the bike upright. He skidded and ended up with severe road rash.

He ended up restarting his ride on Sunday and is close now to Lake Louise. He had a very good first day, his second day however was harder due to the terrain but he is hanging in and doing well. The injuries aren't doing too bad for him.

Sleep is hard but he hopes to settle into a pace that is sustainable. It isn't just about setting a record Arvid says it is about the exposure they will create with it.

Many people would give up after a serious accident like he had but his wife gave him words out of an Andy Stanley sermon.

"Adversity in our lives is not optional, being fearful about them is"

It was difficult to start his ride over. To go down that same hill where he crashed but it is a platform that God is blessing. It is allowing him to share about what the Mully Family is doing.

For More Information on Arvid's Journey:

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