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God is Able to Bring You Through Your Dead End with Joyce Meyer

Bible Teacher Joyce Meyer is familiar with facing dead ends in life - when there seemed like there was nowhere else to go. As a young woman, having been abused for years, Joyce married the first guy that came along.

She thought that the marriage was going to make her happy, that somebody was finally going to love her. However, he ran around with other women and turned out to be a petty crook and a con man. Towards the end of the marriage, Joyce got pregnant but he had left her and started living with another woman just two blocks down from where they used to live.

Everyday as Joyce went to work, alone and pregnant, she would have to go pass and see his car parked in front of the other woman's house. It was a painful, constant reminder of what had happened.

When she was so far along in her pregnancy that she couldn't work, she had nowhere to go. She couldn't go back to her parents' place knowing what her dad would do to her and her husband had left her. Joyce managed to find a temporary refuge at her hairdresser's home until she went into labor.

Joyce came out of the hospital, with a new-born baby in her arms, homeless.

Thankfully, a Christian woman who used to be married to her ex-husband's brother took her in, so she did not end up on the streets.

Joyce had faced one dead end after another. Yet, look at where she is now.

It's amazing what God will do in somebody's life. It's not just for Joyce Meyer. She is just as ordinary as anyone. The promises of God is for you as well.

Are you facing a dead end today? Take heart and know that God can lead you through your dead ends just like He had for Joyce.

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God blesses those who patiently endure testing and temptation. Afterward they will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.
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