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Girls with Swords / LISA BEVERE

International Speaker, Bestselling Author, and Co-founder of Messenger International with her husband John, Lisa Bevere is sharing her newest book, "Girls with Swords".

It details a battle raging around the world against women and tells us what we can do about it. Women are always at the bottom and Lisa says she doesn't think it is just a worldwide thing but a spiritual thing. You see what happened in the garden, it was one woman and a serpent but then you look at the book of Revelations and it is the woman and her children and they're at war with a dragon. It says that the dragon vomited and the earth opened up and it talks about this graphic imagery but when you look at our world right now we have misogyny, sex trafficking. We have gendercide where 163 million women are missing off the globe through either pre-emptive abortions in India, China. Children have been born and buried alive. When you look at the different ratios of male to female it is as high as 150 men to every 1 woman in some places. We think why women, why women?

We have seen gendercide before but it wasn't towards women. We see gendercide right before the birth of Moses with newborn babies killed and right before the birth of Jesus with babies that were 2 or under. Now Jesus is coming back for a bride so the attack is against the women. We don't need to see ourselves as victims but as a threat. The enemy would never launch a full scale assault against something that was not a threat to him. Women right now are a threat to the enemy because we are the ones that adorn the body as a bride.

Lisa says in her book, "The attacks on your life have much more to do with who you might be in the future, than who you've been in the past"

The enemy knows who we are, long before we wake up and realize who we are. The attacks on our life have more to do with who we might be in the future than who we have been in the past. Ask yourself what is it about me that is so terrifying that the enemy is trying to kill me. What strength is it that is on my life? Long before you were targeted, you were chosen. We were chosen in Christ for good works that God would be glorified. We have a generation right now that the enemy is after.

The enemy distracts us - we live in a generation that is so distracted by social media. We are so busy hearing what others say about us that we have forgotten what God says about us. If you listen too long to what other people say, you forget who you are. If the enemy doesn't get you with distraction, he diminishes you.

The enemy says,

"Who do you think you are, that you can make a difference?"

"Who do you think you are, that you could actually do something, or have something, or be someone?"

It doesn't matter who we think we are it's who God says we are, God says we are children of the most high God. God says we are created for signs, and wonders, and miracles. Not for death and destruction. If he can't distract or diminish you he divides.

He gets us to be at odds with one another. Women have a tendency to divide one another. We need women to rise to fulfill who they are but not by hurting one another. If he can't divide than he destroys.

Which is what is happening with gendercide, pornography, brokenness in marriages. God created women as an answer to problems. We need to get Gods perspective on us. Being a Christian means to be anointed by the highest God, and when you are marked by Gods spirit you are noted by the enemy. The moment you became a Christian, you became a hero.

It is not about us, it is about the cause of Christ. The social justice causes we need to rise up against. We need to pray for these women who are being raped and tortured. Prayer is powerful, it can search and destroy wickedness. You can be a hero by just praying for someone, or being kind to someone. We start small but we can pray big and make things change. We can declare the Word of God and use is as a weapon to speak justice and truth. We need to pray faithfully and we need to believe that it's true.

We can get really mad at the people who are perpetrating these injustices (such as ISIS) but we don't wrestle with flesh and blood and we need to remember that. We need to pray, and remember to pray the Word. Prayer is the most powerful thing we can do, it is the most powerful weapon we have. If you aren't praying the kind of prayers that scare you, then they most definitely are not scaring the enemy. We need to let God fight for us. Using the sword of silence.

Also the sword of forgiveness is a strong tool. Putting something at the feet of God and believing He will do something.

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