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Christine Caine is co-founder of The A21 campaign, an anti-human trafficking organization that fights slavery around the globe. She travels the globe preaching, teaching, and advocating for justice.

Christine was left in a hospital, unnamed and unwanted, when she was born. She never knew that until she got to the age of 33. While the nuclear family she grew up with was wonderful, her parents made a few bad judgement calls with regards to a few family friends. As a result, Christine had experienced sexual abuse for about a decade of her life due to these so called "trustworthy friends".

This caused deep wounding in her life. Shame, anger and bitterness filled her life.

Christine came to a personal relationship with Christ in her later teen years. The bible and her relationship with Jesus brought about a lot of healing in her life. And since the gospel can do that much for her, she figured it can heal and help anyone!

One day at an airport, Christine saw some posters of women and children and went on to find out that they had been the victims of trafficking. It surprised her as she didn't think such an act actually existed.

Upon further investigation, she just knew in her heart that something needs to be done. Christine had a large network around the world and that if she had told them about this issue, they would want to make a difference and help stop slavery around the world.

That was how The A21 Campaign was born - Abolishing Injustice in the 21st Century.

Please go to for more information about The A21 Campaign.

To find out more about Christine's ministry, you can visit her website here:

To Get Christine's Books:

"Undaunted - daring to be what God calls you to be" CLICK HERE

"Unstoppable - Running the Race you were Born to Win" CLICK HERE

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