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Embracing Satisfaction in Your Current Season

The Resolution for Women #1:

"I do solemnly resolve to embrace my current season of life and will maximize my time in it. I will resist the urge to hurry through or circumvent any portion of my journey but will live with a spirit of contentment."

Author of "The Resolution for Women" Priscilla Shirer sits down to talk about the issue of contentment. We tend to not fully enjoy the season that we are in because we are constantly looking to the next season in life. When we do this, we miss out on the fingerprints of God. The grass is always greener on the other side, and it might be if you don't water your own. Decide to pour into it, and invest yourself in it, you can find there is so much beauty right where you are. In singleness, in marriage, with young children, with young adult children, even with frustrations there are good things to be had right where you are.


Self-pity, Emptiness, loneliness, robbing us of that peace and Holy equilibrium

We think "When" I meet my prince "Then" my life can start, and be content and happy. There is so much beauty right where you are. There are things in this season of singleness that you won't have the full breath of ease in doing in marriage. If you want to travel, go away on mission's trips, etc., if you are not fully gaining these experiences with God in this season because you are trying to hurry on to marriage, you are missing out on something you may never have the opportunity to repeat again.

You meet most women, and we are not happy. We are not happy with where we are, where we live, what we have to put on our bodies, our bodies themselves, we are never fully content with the way things are. And so it really is a rare occurrence to find a satisfied woman, which is why the resolution is to be "Surprisingly Satisfied" because you will be a surprise to people if you are genuinely content in your circumstances right now.

A satisfied woman is shockingly noticeable.


Everything from the dripping tap that never gets fixed to who is putting the garbage out, these are little things but they rock our little world and steal our contentment.

Contentment is not equal to complacency. This doesn't mean you are becoming complacent and having higher aspirations for yourself or the details of your life. It means that you don't allow them to unsettle you and push you off your rocker so you aren't able to be fully present and joyful about your circumstances even when things are not perfect in the way you desire them. When will they ever be perfect? You can still have an overall arching banner of contentment as a woman even when there are circumstances all throughout the day, week, and month that you would prefer to change.

We are so busy waxing the floor of our lives that we miss out on the little giggles and joy that comes from the scuffs of the floor in our life. Nothing is perfect, yes its chaotic, but there is joy in the journey of moving forward and living and allow others around you to enjoy where you are as well.

You can always tell people who operate from a position from perceived lack and deficiency.

 They do not feel like they have the time, the talent, the skill, the ability, they do not feel like they have what it takes. They feel like they are always operating out of their own resources that they have nothing left to give. They don't believe that His grace is sufficient. If you feel the Holy Spirit is prodding you to participate in something, or give more of yourself in a particular area, instead of saying no we can believe that if God is encouraging us to do it, that means he will generously supply everything we need.

As daughters of the King we are not operating from a position of lack. We have a daddy who is a King which makes us princesses and all that is at His disposal is available to us.

Contentment for the Apostle Paul was not an emotion or a spiritual gift, it was a skill. "I have LEARNED to be content".

If you are in a situation where you feel discontent because you just don't like it, allow that to be a training ground to learn contentment for the future.   

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