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Downsizing for a Cause

Joo-Meng and Rosanna Soh made National headlines because of their counter-cultural decision they decided to make by downsizing their life so they could give away more.

They went on a Missions trip to Uganda last summer for 6 weeks and they did missions work as a family.

They came home to Oakville where it is extravagant. They realized as a family they had far more than they needed.

God was calling them.

They started following a journey of obedience, listening to the Lord and asking Him what He would have them do.

Downsizing is just one of the ways they felt God call them.

Both have great jobs. Joo-Meng is a Medical Doctor and Rosanna is an Educational Therapist.

So, the first step they decided was that they needed to sell their house. They were looking for a new house and they got caught up in a bidding war. They decided to write a letter to the sellers.

They wanted to share with the sellers why they were doing what they were doing. They shared about their trip and what they experienced and their new desire to give back.

Joo-Meng shares that growing up he was taught the value of money and tithing. Being a physician he has always had a significant income but he always knew that income wasn't always for him or his family. It was for other people. They shared with the sellers that they wanted to give more of their time, resources and talents. That is why they wanted to downsize and become mortgage free.

The couple really resonated with their letter. They were outbid for the house, there were 13 other offers. The family decided to say no to the extra money and except their offer.

They share,

"Our desire is to downsize and live simply, so others can simply live."

Rosanna shares that they want to teach their children that in a world where there is so much want, what do we really NEED.

The sellers were more concerned about their neighbourhood and that the people who took over their home were people who they would want to be a part of their neighbourhood.

They thought about moving to Uganda but they waited on where God was calling them and they felt like they belonged here.

Why? That is the big question.

Joo-Meng says in family devotions the word concordance came to them. That means doing what they say and living out what they believe in.

They wanted to show their children that they weren't just teaching and preaching this but living it out as well. Living out the gospel completely.

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