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Don't Take Water for Granted

Recent statistics tell us that 780 million people around the world don't have access to clean water.  That is tough to imagine - it's equivalent to 26 times our own population here in Canada.

In Africa alone, people spend 40 billion hours per year walking just to collect water. Most of the times, the water that they fetch from nearby rivers or streams is packed with bacteria and parasites! This result to about 3.4 million people dying every year from a water-related illness.

The idea of 780 million people around the world suffering from a lack of clean water is tough to fathom, especially when a five minute shower here in North America uses more water than the average slum dweller in an entire day!

What if you had to give your own child a glass of dirty water?  Imagine how life will be like, having to walk about  to hours every day just to get water. Children will have to miss school to help.

Crossroads' Global CEO Dr. John Hull tried to experience what it was like to carry a  gallon jerry can filled with water on his head! After walking for a couple of minutes with the can on his head, he admits that he was out of breath.

This is not an easy task.

To do it day in and day out has many other repercussions for the women and children.

Domestic violence towards women increases when the house is not kept nicely or when chores are not done. Children are deprived from a proper education as they have to help fetch the water.

There is a simple and proven solution to this.

And we need your help.

Crossroads Relief and Development has partnered with many of these communities. We have a proven track record that our water solutions in Haiti, Turkana and Uganda is effective and sustainable. However, there has been an increase demand for more help and we are unable to meet these needs right now.

Please consider making a donation to help these communities and save their lives. People do not need to die from Cholera or other water-related diseases anymore. But we need your help.

CLICK HERE to help provide clean water to Haiti, Uganda and Turkana by using our secure online donation.

You can also call our toll free line at 1-800-265-3100.

Every little amount helps.

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