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Dave Ramsey's Money Makeover - "Be a Giver"


Baby Step #1: $1,000 cash in the bank as an emergency fund

Baby Step #2: Get out of debt using the debt snowball (Pay off debts smallest to largest)

Baby Step #3: Fully funded emergency fund (3-6 months savings)

Baby Step #4: Start your retirement investing (15% of your income into retirement)

Baby Step #5: Invest for College

Baby Step #6: Pay off your house early

Baby Step #7: Build Wealth and Give

If you get out of debt, and don't have a house payment or debt payments, your most powerful wealth building tool is your income. When you are out of debt, you are now totally in control of your income. You are now in a position to go to places you have never been before financially. As you build your wealth, always give. Automatically be tithing to your local church, giving to other ministries and finding individuals who need your help. Remember God owns it all, you are just a manager. Be a good steward - an old English term which means "manager". You are a manger for God, what does he want you to do with His money? He wants you to take care of your family, he wants you to have a good life, and he wants you to give some of it away because he's got his children out there who need help as well.


The Biggest Secret of the Rich: Live on Less than you Make

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