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Crossroads Founder David Mainse Shares about the Ride of His Life

"I was a little old man, sitting in a corner, just waiting to die"

That was the description of David given by one of his brother-in-law back in October 2013. He had lost 80 pounds over the course of the last two years and had become just a bag of bones.

Upon receiving a cancer diagnosis back in 2012, David was given a 2 year "life sentence". They told him that he would probably not live past March 2014.

Halfway through his chemotherapy, the doctors decided to stop the treatments because he was not showing any positive results. That was when one of his friends recommended a doctor who was well-versed in alternative medicine to him.

Today, more than one year later, David is stronger than ever before!

Similar to King Hezekiah in the bible, David attributes his miraculous healing to both the prayers of the people as well as the medicine. At first, there was a tinge of disappointment when he wasn't able to see Jesus in March, but David is determined make full use of his extension here on earth to preach the gospel of salvation to everyone.

It's all about Salvation

When Crossroads Founder David Mainse had a vision to ride his motorcycle from Florida to Toronto, he thought that it was a crazy idea. But he went along with it anyway.

Halfway through the journey, as David was cleaning his bike early one morning, he met a lady. She came over to him and told him that she has 3 sons - all of whom have motorcycles. This was the root of her constant worry for her sons.

Without missing a beat, David asked her if they have the assurance of heaven in their heart if something were to happen. He then personally led her to invite Jesus into her heart and encourage her to lead her sons to the same assurance.

One salvation was enough to make the trip worthwhile.

50 years after establishing Crossroads, David Mainse still has only one mission - to share his deep faith in Jesus Christ with others and to see God relate in a very real way to each individual's life. He would travel to the ends of the world just to lead one person to know his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Because in the end, a person's salvation is what matters the most.

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