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Actor Alan Powell / CAGED NO MORE

It's the world's fastest growing crime - human trafficking generates $99 billion dollars every year in illegal profits.  True numbers are hard to come by, but it's estimated that 4.5 million people are trafficked for sex, 1.2 million of them children.  In the fight against this horrific crime, media has been a powerful weapon in raising awareness and advocating change.  Caged No More, a new faith film, tackles this topic and actor Alan Powell joins us from New York City to talk about it.

Alan plays the hero, Will, in Caged No More. This is a film about the sex trafficking. His father's twin brother takes his daughters overseas and sells them into the sex trafficking trade. His character finds out about what is going on and decides he needs to do something and travels overseas in an attempt to get them back.

What did you think when you first read the script for this film - were you aware of the prevalence of human trafficking, here in North America?

Alan: No, unfortunately I wasn't. He thought there was no way that this sort of thing happens for real. He received 3 or 4 news stories about this happening in the last 90 days within a 200 mile radius of his house. Stories that were eerily similar to the movie's plot. As he understood the problem as it exists here in our own backyard he was compelled to bring awareness.

In one of his roles, Kevin Sorbo played the villain - and you played the hero.  That must have been an easier roll.  What did it mean to you to play the guy who rescues the girl and beats up the traffickers?

Alan: As you hear this story and know the statistics we all want to do what his character gets to do. The ultimate goal is to make people aware of the problem. There are things we can all do within our communities.

You are a dad of 3 daughters - did it change the way you looked at your daughters. How hard was it to make this film and think about them?

Alan: It wasn't easy. It both compelled him to want to do it and to stay away from the subject. It spoke to him. He got the opportunity to look into the eyes of some of these girls who have been trafficked and he saw his own kids in them. These are somebody's children. These are real kids going through indescribable tragedy.

What do you hope "Caged No More" will do for this issue?

Alan: Through the process and efforts of making this film he hopes they can impact at least one kid's life.

What can the faith community do?

Alan: Faith gives us the inclination and the truth that life has value. Because of that value we are forced to be passionate about this issue. We are called to action

From the Co-Producers of "God's Not Dead", this is a feature film that will raise awareness of human trafficking, aid in connecting anti-trafficking organizations, equip parents, schools and churches to aid in trafficking prevention.

This film has garnered a lot of attention and has just won the Activism Award at the Socially Relevant Film Festival 2016 in New York. 

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