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A Special Thank You from Crossroads C.E.O. Lorna Dueck

Thank you for praying for this broadcast.  An update now on our appeal that we shared over the last two weeks to meet our looming, must pay bill for national air time of 100 Huntley Street that was due at the end of March.   

Our need was $400,000.

How did we do

We have been overwhelmed that you voted with your wallets that we should continue on national network airtime.

We're so thankful and deeply touched by your cards, notes, phone calls, your in memory gifts.

We were also really blessed because the older generation said 100 Huntley Street must continue. For all you seniors who helped, thank you.

The monthly reality here is that every month we need $200,000 just pay for our airwaves - we are in a catch up mode. We are now current, we're caught up - but now every month April, May, June, right until the end of August we are in a catch up mode of $200,000 for National airtime. Come September 1 we will be renegotiating a reduced and current bill, but the current high payment of $200,000 every month we can pay together. We need all of your help to increase the giving.

It's all about sharing God's love with this Nation.

Now let's take a look at the results for HOPE SPRINGS. We shared this need also because the prayer lines are just critical here and our goal there was $200,000.

We are so thankful to you all for our total of $215,341.

We are going to give the top up there into our mission's fund that goes to Arctic Hope and Hugs for Orphans.

Thank you for helping our team here.

Many have called, we had a turnaround in March that was outstanding.

Many people have sent prayers in and we received one very special prophetic word for us from a pastor in Alberta;

"Friends there's a mountain in front of us. It's covered with Canadians who need the healing and hope and love of Jesus. It's also littered with our enemy who seeks to discourage, distract and destroy. But at the top is victory. And Jesus is waiting for us up there. And when we reach the top He's going to smile and reach out His arms and say "well done good and faithful servant".  

We are going to take this mountain for Jesus. We know God is shouting out through life-changing media. The enemy is not going to stop 100 Huntley Street. Hardships are not going to stop. A lack of money is not going to stop us from moving forward.

The question is - "will you come along with us? Will you help us in whatever way you are able. Time. Prayers. Money. Connections. We need all of those things and when we stand together we can beat this incredible challenge. We can see a mountainside covered with transformed lives - joy-filled lives. Hope-filled lives. Peace-filled lives. Healing-filled lives. Jesus-filled lives. That's why we do what we do at 100 Huntley Street.

So Thank You, we had a great March and we deeply appreciate it.

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