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A Simple Full Body Workout with Ron and Moira

Workout #1 - Resistance Bands

Stand with knees slightly bent, feet shoulder-width apart. Grip the middle section of the band with both hands at shoulder level with palms facing down. Keeping your arms straight, pull the band out and raise it above your head. Then drop your arms straight down behind you.

This exercise works on your chest and your shoulders.

Workout #2 - Straight Arm Pulldown 

Raise your hands so that your arms are straight through your shoulders and bend your knees. Then, keeping your arms straight, bring it down and in. 

This is a really simple workout that helps with your back.

Workout #3 - Arms Rotation 

Bring your arms straight up again and stand up straight. Start to rotate it forward and then do it backwards.

Do it until you start feeling the burn.

You could also start to work the shoulders and make bigger circles after a while.Just a reminder to do it both ways - forward and backward.

Workout #4 - Squats

Stand up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Push back with your hips and bend your knees as you push back slowly. Then get back up to your starting position.

Do about 20 repetitions. 

Alternative: Hold onto a weight with both hands and push your hands out while you are going down. Pull your hands back toward your chest as you stand back up.

Workout #5 - Backpack Lifting

Put some weights (it can be books or anything else) in a backpack. Then grab both handle straps with one hand and start pulling up the backpack. Do the same number of repetitions on the other arm.

Biceps-Curl: You could also grab a handle with each hand and hold the backpack in front of you. Lift the backpack up like a biceps-curl. A simple way to do so without any equipment.

Workout #6 - Glute Bridge

Lie down straight on a mat with your knees bent and feet flat on the ground. Slowly lift your hips off the ground and then bring it back down.

This exercise is great for the lower back and gluteal muscles.

For increase intensity, lift up one leg while your hips are off the ground. Put your leg down and repeat with the other leg. 

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