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2 Minute Drills: Control the Pace

Most sports fans love to see high scoring games. Old school, "frozen tundra" defensive battles do not excite many fans. The NFL is called a copycat league. Right now, the fast paced, no huddle offense is in vogue. And why not? The offense is running a new play an average of every 6 seconds. Defenses are not allowed to make situational substitutions and are struggling to get back to the line of scrimmage before the offense is ready to snap the ball again. There are more big plays, more yards per game, and points are being scored at an all-time high. What's not to like?

Coaches have learned if they can control the pace of the game, they have a better chance to win. The same is true for our lives. In our "hurry up offense world" we could be overrun if we don't find a way to slow it down. I had a neighbor one time that owned a pharmacy. He worked all the time. When I pressed him about his hours he replied, "You don't own your business, your business owns you."

There are so many things vying for our time. The normal family has to juggle work, school, family time, sports, dance, cheer, band, church, small groups - the list goes on and on. If we aren't careful we don't live life, life lives us. Time management used to be a concept. Now it is a skill and even a curriculum. There are 99,317 books on Amazon dedicated to time management.

If you don't have enough hours in the day you have some difficult choices to make. You can't create more time so something has to go. Most men have to decide between their work schedules and their family. Sadly, too many men are making the wrong decision, choosing work over family. They justify it by claiming they are providing for their families. I guaranty you, your family will never look back and say, "I wish dad would have worked more, missed more of my games so I could have had a nicer pair of Nikes." Take a look at your calendar and make the tough decisions that allow you to control the pace. 

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