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2 Minute Drills: Act Right Because It's Right

Have you ever wondered how Nick Saban took a dreadful University of Alabama football team that had been mired in scandal and mediocrity and in his 3rd season won a National Championship?

I can tell you one thing, it had less to do with X's & O's than it did with attitude. I attend the American Football Coaches Association National convention every year. One of my favorite activities at convention is listening to the great coaches address their peers. In 2010, I heard Coach Saban stand before his contemporaries just days after winning the National Championship. He began his speech the same way most every other great coach before him did, "The way we do it at our place is..." and he went on to describe the culture he installed the moment he took the controls of the once storied football program.

Coach Saban taught me a valuable lesson that day. I realized the culture I had at my place was nothing more than some guidelines and rules. I didn't have an intentional culture and it wasn't implemented on a daily basis with a high level of "buy-in" from my team - my family. There is a big difference between wishes or dreams and a culture. There is also a big difference between a mandate dished out by a heavy-handed dictator and a culture created with feedback from the whole team.

So how do I create an intentional culture that my team will strive towards, you ask? Start with your idea of the way you want to do it at your place and get input from your wife. My boys were 11 & 13 so I asked them, "If we moved away from here and in a year or so, if our friends asked, "Do you remember the Pittmans?", what would they say about us? More importantly, "What would we want them to say about us?" With a little direction we decided on four characteristics we wanted our friends to use to describe our family. Next, we determine what behaviors are necessary to be described in this way.

Coach Saban calls his culture "The Process" and it is posted all over the locker room, the weight room and their playbooks. What you call your culture is less important than what it is. But post it all over your house just as Saban posts The Process all over the Alabama facility. Your culture will act as a compass for your family. Follow this plan and you will see amazing results!

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