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15 Minutes of Literacy Fun

The theme of 2013 Family Literacy Day is "15 Minutes of Fun". In my mind, this is a great way to describe reading! As a child and teenager I was an avid reader. I especially loved summer break because that would be the start of my new imagination adventures. My first trip to the library I entered with an empty book bag, and then the rest of the summer it would be full of books, going back and forth. I would read in my tree house, on the front step... even at night under the covers with a flashlight when I supposed to be sleeping. Then, I'd finish my books and go back to the library for another round. I couldn't get enough of those other worlds.

Those books became my friends. I can still remember certain parts of stories that I loved, that I would read over and over again because I loved the way the words sounded and the pictures that those words painted on my imaginary canvas. Sometimes the words on the page would travel through my mind and translate to my real life. I would ride my bike through the neighborhood as an investigator solving a crime - off to an amazing adventure. Or I'd be a beautiful heroine, about to save the kingdom from up high in the trees. My imagination was always full, and it was continually fueled by the words that I had read on so many worn pages of my paper companions.

It didn't stop there for me. Reading inspired

me in many areas of my life as an adult. I studied English literature at University exploring the writings of Chaucer, Austen and Shakespeare. 

I went on from there to further study the Bible and become a communicator of the written truths of God's Word... the most inspiring book ever written. Reading even inspired me to start writing my own stories to share as I realized more and more that as we live out our own stories in life... those stories also inspire others. Stories can give us a voice. The most exciting thing for me was this past year when I received my copy of my first published children's book.

Reading inspires. Reading educates and opens doors for the future. Reading shares stories... both real and imaginary that can touch our hearts. Reading is a great way to spend time with your children. Reading together can strengthen your family. Reading can strengthen your faith. Take time to read and get lost in your imagination, you never know what a great story can motivate you to do! 15 minutes of fun never looked so good! Happy Literacy Day!

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