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In grade school, Brody Haight began to smoke Marijuana, which during his high school years, led to an addiction to alcohol and heavy drugs. This is his story. More
Liz Curtis-Higgs joined Cheryl Weber at Break Forth One to share candidly about her past struggles with a Cocaine addiction and how she is coping with her Cancer diagnosis. More
Adam Coehoorn joined Greg Musselman to chat about how he broke free from the addiction in his life and how he is helping other men do the same. More
MP David Sweet shares the story of his daughter Lara who passed away by suicide in 2017. 23 year old Lara's life was full of challenges, but she loved to help people and her many friends with acts of kindness. More
Dimas Salaberrios tells his story in "Street God," which is the true story of one man's dangerous journey through the underworld of crime, drugs and almost certain death. More
Moira Brown speaks with Mike O'Brien who found salvation after years of struggling with drug addiction and heading down a dark path. More
John was supernaturally transformed and delivered from a lifestyle of gang violence, drugs and alcohol through reading a Gideon's Bible. More
a story of life after prostitution and addiction More
For some time now, we've been highlighting the stories of people who have been profoundly impacted by 100 Huntley Street throughout our 38 years over the airwaves. People who have had a radical encounter with a loving God and who are now making a d More
Cindy is a wife, a mom, a national Women's Speaker and a passionate Bible teacher and she wants you to know God as she does. More
Drew Walton, B.A. Psych, ACW, ICADC, is the Director of Operations, Canadian Centre For Addictions. Drew has dedicated his career to a lifelong passion for helping others and has been able to transform the lives of individuals afflicted with addictio More
Keith Alexander spent nearly a decade homeless on the streets of Toronto as a drug addict. After spending time in and out of jail and substance abuse recovery programs, a moment of clarity made Keith realize that he needed to find peace, accept Jesus More
Thurs. Sept. 25 - Sex Messages: Teenage audiences have more exposure to media than any generation in history. Sex Messages explores the effects of this erotic in-your-face media and offers a practical response to its destructive results. More
Do you know that multi Grammy Award Winning Artist Michael W. Smith was lost in drugs for 4 years? We found out more about Michael and his life as Moira sits with him on 100 Huntley Street! More
Several months into their marriage they found that having children would be difficult if even possible. Jennie turned to the world and began seeking any and every pleasure it offered, partying and having a whole other life. More
Growing up, FLAME was exposed to a maze of gangs, drugs and hip-hop. His dad dealt with addiction, his mom suffered from Schizophrenia and also battling heavy depression. Despite their own struggles, they wanted a better life for their son. More
Keith Alexander spent nearly a decade homeless on the streets of Toronto as a drug addict until he met the life Jesus held before him. More
Dave Morgan found an escape from his brokenness in a dark world of drugs and alcohol. But God had other plans for Dave. Today Dave is the director of a program called Stepping Up Young Fathers at Greater Vancouver Youth for Christ, working to encoura More
Prescription drug abuse has risen dramatically over the past decade, especially among the rural youths. More
Follow the life of former career criminal Michael Bull Roberts, a violent white supremacist, drug trafficker, and gang member who experienced a dramatic life-changing transformation. His story reveals More
Moira Brown speaks with Matt Harris about his time being homeless after years of drugs, Buddhism, and wandering all over the world and how God reached down and forgave him for everything. Matt Harris More
Dr Jerry Johnston answers viewers questions about spiritual warfare. Prayer lines are available 24/7 by calling 1-866-273-4444 More
Dr. Eric Sandras is the author of "When the Sky is Falling: Finding Faith and Hope in Life's Crises". Here he talks about losing the world to find true peace. More
Neil T Anderson is the founder of Freedom in Christ Ministries. Why do some people hear voices? 1 Timothy 4:1 More
Jim Cantelon speaks with Elliot Tepper about helping marginalized people find hope. Elliot Tepper Founder & International Director of Betel WEC Canada More
Elliot Tepper is the Founder & International Director of Betel, WEC Canada. Here Tepper talks about helping marginalized people find hope. More
Sharon Cavers & Amy Jackson Authors --"Cut the Strings" The book is a journey through Amy's teenage rebellion and her awakening and return to her Heavenly Father More
Nancy runs Mercy Ministries to help young women in need from many difficult situations and transforms their lives through sharing Christ. More
Christine Williams speaks with Craig and Fariyal about finding freedom in a life of destruction. Craig and Fariyal Cross Freedom Session Representatives. More
Moira Brown speaks with Diane Johnstone about her journey from a drop out turned stripper and now Reverend. Rev. Diane Johnstone - Ordained Minister / Actress More
Jerry Johnston speaks with Cheryl Weber about the Documentary she directed on Michael Bull Roberts - Notorious to Glorious. More
Moira Brown gets a chance to talk to Jimmy Broyden who did consulting and stunt work on the movie Courageous, Jimmy talks about his life and how he got into the "risky business" he's in! More
Jim Cantelon caught up with former Toronto Argonaut Adrion Smith about faith and sports More
Jim Cantelon speaks with Amy Jackson about her past of drug and alcohol abuse and how Sharon as a mother continued to pray until her daughter found freedom. ; Book: "Cut The Strings" ; More
TOOLS (Toronto Ontario Opportunities for Learning & Service) helps break down stereotypes about poverty & the homeless. More
Moira Brown speaks with LeeAnn Lowery Bell about her life of drugs, alcohol before finding God at a Coffee House. ; LeeAnn Lowery Bell ; More
Kip Philp, pastor of 24/7 Church in Burlington, tells his story of dealing drugs, and being left by his friends on the road to die. More
Jim talks with Miles about his journey from street kid to preacher More
Moira comments on Randy Robb's transformation from drug dealer to believer More
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