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TOPICS: Deliverance
Today's reading with David Mainse is from Mark 6, and Mark 6:3 is the key verse. More
Today's reading with David Mainse is from Mark 5, and Mark 5:15 is the key verse. More
Jacqueline Crawford shares a Bible teaching on faith for deliverance. More
Moira Brown speaks with Mike O'Brien who found salvation after years of struggling with drug addiction and heading down a dark path. More
John Hull teaches on what the Bible has to say about refugees. More
Carol Kornacki delivers a powerful message and prayer for those struggling with drugs. More
Maggie Baratto shares her personal story of being a teenage runaway and having an unplanned pregnancy with an abusive man and her journey through 2 more unplanned pregnancies. More
Author Mary DeMuth had chosen 5 women from the gospels for her book, "The Day I Met Jesus" - all of whom had a transformation story after meeting Jesus. More
Music video for Tenth Avenue North's "Worn" More
Danny Van grew up in a Christian home, went to Christian schools but never knew Jesus personally. He got into drugs when he was grade 8. At age 26, Danny hit rock bottom and said, "God, if You are real, I need You." More
SHIYR Poets performing "On This Troubled Day", a song that is based on Psalm 10. More
Author of "The Storm Inside" talks about seeing yourself as God sees you, as a woman fully known, fully loved, and growing ever deeper in faith, hope, and love. More
Dave Morgan found an escape from his brokenness in a dark world of drugs and alcohol. But God had other plans for Dave. Today Dave is the director of a program called Stepping Up Young Fathers at Greater Vancouver Youth for Christ, working to encoura More
At age 5, Sharon Ganesh was told by her father to pray to God, despite her complicated religious background. That was what led her to the True Light. More
Do you feel like Satan might be interfering with your life? Dr Jerry Johnston explains how you can respond in confidence and protect yourself. More
Pastor and author Mark Buchanan explains spiritual warfare and how we don't need to fear or be spooked by First Nations spirituality. More
Sue Smith was searching to connect with the supernatural. She experienced power in some dark places through psychics and poltergeists but found truth in a relationship with God. Sue Smith - Locks & More
Simone & Jack Winnicky Directors, NAME Canada (National Association of Marriage Enhancement) NAME Canada - National Association of Marriage Enhancement More
Robert Morgan's The Red Sea Rules More
Dr. Jack Hayford, Author of "Penetrating the Darkness - Discovering the Power of the Cross Against Unseen Evil". More
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