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We're praying for Pastor Martin Naistus of Onion Creek First Nation who shared his story of transformation with us. He is currently facing some health challenges. More
As a young child Belma lived through the brutal and terrifying events that accompanied the end of World War II and the sudden erection of the Berlin Wall, when East was separated from West and families were ripped apart. More
Angelina Taylor was adopted soon after when she born. By the time she was 2 years old her adopted family fell apart and she was being raised in a single-family home by her mom. More
Donna was born in Mistissini, Quebec. Her parents sent her to a boarding school where, during her stay, she was sexually abused by a man who worked at her school. Filled with anger and shame, Donna ran away from home. More
Wade grew up in a broken home, with a narcissistic mother. As a result, he became very sad, anxious and depressed which continued though most of his life. Today he shares how he has overcome his past. More
Pastor Larry Keegstra is the Director for Camp Living Water in both British Columbia and Alberta. Larry's dedication and passion to see First Nation youth, as well as their families, encounter God's love has been his fuel for the past 37 years. More
God's design is that children grow up in a nurturing home, where they can flourish into adulthood. But for many Indigenous children, the ramifications of residential schools has passed on cycles of abuse and dysfunction. More
Brian McConaghy of Ratanak International joins Cheryl Weber to speak about how his organization is partnering with Crossroads and working in Cambodia to assist survivors of human trafficking and exploitation on the road to freedom and recovery. More
Sam Inocencio joined Maggie John on today's program to speak about the efforts of IJM (International Justice Mission) to combat cybersex trafficking of children. More
Kidnapped at 15 and used as a child soldier, Jemal has seen a lot in his life. He turned to drugs and alcohol to numb the pain and eventually wound up on the streets involved in gang life. Homeless and desperate, Jemal went to Union Gospel Mission (U More
After surviving nearly a decade of childhood sexual abuse, Alexander MacMullin aims to bring awareness to the growing epidemic. More
Taanis Bellerose shares her incredible story of salvation in Christ after leading a life of abuse, prostitution and drugs. More
Tim Lasebnik has a story to tell that couldn't be told for 47 years - the wounds were so painful that even thinking about it was too hard. More
Their passion goes far beyond making hit songs; Jenesia writes to encourage and inspire others towards justice. More
Residential school survivors share their stories in this clip. Take a look. More
Rob Keeshig grew up on the reservation and was abused by a Priest. Rob became angry, bitter and hopeless, but 43 years later, had an encounter with God. More
Sandra Waboose joined Maggie John to share how her life was transformed when she cried out to God to forgive her of her sins and change her life. More
Sean Wheeler joins Cheryl Weber to share his story of healing from sexual and physical abuse he experienced as a young boy. More
Russ Taff joins Cheryl Weber to share about his abusive upbringing, his musical career and his battle with alcoholism. More
Krystle Marriott had big dreams and visions as a child, but her past soon eroded those lofty dreams, facing a perpetual state of fear and anxiety after being sexually abused. Today she shares her story with Maggie John. More
Sean Wheeler shares his story of healing from sexual and physical abuse he experienced as a young boy. More
Kimberly Smith-Highland is the President of Make Way Partners and author of "Passport through Darkness." Today she shares her extraordinary stories of fighting human trafficking and the healing that God has brought into her life. More
In this testimony, Kimberly Smith-Highland shares how the Lord has worked in her life and brought healing after suffering a violent gang rape while on a humanitarian trip. More
Teena Nelson became a victim of abuse when she was 3 years old. Feelings of loneliness and deep depression pushed her to 14 suicide attempts. Today she shares her story with Maggie John. More
Maggie John is joined by Fay Wapenisk who bravely shares her story of surviving sexual assault as a child. She explains how she is sharing her story to make a difference for others who have faced similar circumstances. More
Ivan Wapenisk shares his incredible story of forgiveness with Maggie John. More
Karla Stoffelsen grew up in a dysfunctional, abusive home and through God's strength and power, she learned to forgive. Today Karla works alongside her husband Steven, as a missionary in Guatemala. She joins Cheryl Weber to share her story. More
Today on Huntley Hope, Kamal Dhillon & Sam & Naomi Tita share their stories. More
Featured: Gracia Burnham. More
Moira Brown is joined in the studio by June Hunt, who shares her personal testimony. More
June Hunt joins Moira Brown in the studio for a web exclusive interview! More
Check out a web exclusive of Matthew West sharing the story behind the song "Mended." More
Yvonne Ortega overcame abuse, cancer and loss and dealt with unforgiveness, resentment, pain, hurt & bitterness in the aftermath. She shares her story of how she broke free from these things to live a new life. More
Maggie John speaks with Wilma Derksen about her journey to find forgiveness, chronicled in her book "The Way of Letting Go: One Woman's Walk Toward Forgiveness." More
Cheryl Weber speaks with IJM's Kelly Cameron about her work in advocating against cybersex trafficking. More
Todd Cantelon shares a teaching surrounding things people often don't understand about God. More
Cheryl talks with Monica Catto, Al Snowball, and John Cassells about helping human trafficking survivors face their abuser in court. More
Maggie Baratto shares about Father's Heart Healing Ministries and helping trafficked women in Canada be restored and her heart to see the heart of Canada healed through the unconditional love of the Father. More
Kamal Dhillon speaks about the domestic violence she faced and how she now aims to help others in similar situations. More
Maggie Baratto, founder of The Beauty for Ashes Transformation Home, joins us to give us an update and the testimonies since we aired the Beauty for Ashes report a few months ago. More
Kelita shares about how 100 Huntley Street changed her path and led to her helping survivors of abuse and sex trafficking. More
One of the major themes on our prayer lines is relationships. We have Tara Lalonde here who is a therapist and will help us understand this great need. More
Francesca Lalaikipianoi shares her testimony on being born with spina bifida in remote village in Kenya, and how she found Jesus after a childhood filled with no hope. More
Story of Travis Olafsen who is telling his story publically for the first time. Travis grew up in a great home, was very outgoing with lots of dreams for his life. At 18 in his first year of university, those dreams seemed to end when one night he wa More
Carol Kornacki is trying to reach out to countless people with Jesus Christ's life-changing message through her personal testimony of a life of abuse, brokenness, mental illness, teenage pregnancy, and drug addiction. More
Carey Nieuwhof speaks with Brian Houston, Senior Pastor at Hillsong Church about his new book entitled "Live Love Lead". More
Cheryl Weber brings us an update on Christopher Neil's case and how Crossroads played a role in bringing him to justice. More
Trafficking for women and sex has become a worldwide phenomenon. Here at Crossroads' Relief and Development, we are working both near and far to combat this issue. More
Good Shepherd combats homelessness, poverty, abuse & mental illness. A health & social services agency serving anyone who asks for help. More
Maggie Baratto shares her personal story of being a teenage runaway and having an unplanned pregnancy with an abusive man and her journey through 2 more unplanned pregnancies. More
Linda Stewardson shares her story of freedom from abuse and deliverance from drug addiction, prostitution & suicide attempts. More
a story of life after prostitution and addiction More
Sean's world collapsed on itself, unable to break out of his addictions and the deep hurt in his heart. Until that day, when Jesus changed everything... More
Christine Cane is co-founder of The A21 campaign - she travels the globe preaching, teaching, and advocating for justice. More
Rick Osborne now speaks to youth about the choices he made in his life. In fact Rick says "Like everyone else in this world, I made choices through free will and suffered the consequences of those choices ... Personally, I needed to return to the God More
Keith M. Robinson lives consumed by a mission to tell everyone everywhere about the good news that rescued and restored him. By the time Keith was 17 years old, his rap sheet included DUI, possession of narcotics and intent to distribute (that's drug More
Bob co-authored The Dignity Revolution with award winning educator, Deborah Tackmann. "If this book does one think I hope it will teach people how to stop judging others by how they look or what they can or cannot do." He speaks to about 500,000 teen More
With the popular trend of erotica novels and films, author Dannah Gresh has written a biblical response to the culture entitled "Pulling Back the Shades". Here she talks about how some forms of erotica glorifies violence against women More
Executive produced and narrated by Natalie Grant, "In Plain Sight: Stories of Hope and Freedom" is a documentary on sex trafficking in the United States that features 6 modern-day abolitionists. More
Founder and President of International Justice Mission, Gary Haugen, wrote the book, The Locust Effect, to bring the issue of violence afflicted on the poor to the forefront in our fight against poverty. More
R.A. Dickey is one of the starting pitchers for the Toronto Blue Jays and he is a man of deep faith. We talk about his book "Wherever I Wind Up" which chronicles his journey through abuse, despair, a tumultuous baseball career, infidelity and finally More
Michelle Rickett is founder and president of She Is Safe (formerly known as Sisters In Service), an international ministry mobilizing advocates to equip women against poverty, oppression, exploitation and spiritual darkness in the world's hardest pla More
A simple passing remark spiralled out of control as Karen Schenk decided to be the "Perfect Anorexic". After nearly dying twice from her extreme methods, she cried out and prayed that God will help her believe the truth. More
The UN estimates there are more than 21 million modern-day slaves in the world today. This is a story of one of these former slaves - Tola. More
Abuse. Addiction. Suicide attempt. All of these things led up to the moment Joseph Rojas was in the back of the ambulance and met Jesus. He is now the founder of the band Seventh Day Slumber who are known for reaching hurting youth. More
MP Joy Smith explains what Bill C-36 is. It is an answer to a Supreme Court ruling that rendered all the laws around prostitution as unconstitutional. More
As nations around the globe attempt to fight sex trafficking, many consider legalizing prostitution. Jay and Michelle Brock traveled across ten countries to explore the issue, attempting to answer the question: "How can we prevent sexual exploitation More
Member of Parliament for Kildonan-St. Paul, MB, Joy Smith speaks with Crossroads Global CEO, Dr. John Hull about Bill C-36 and why it is so crucial for the bill to be passed. More
Crossroads CEO Dr. John Hull leads the charge as we tackle the issue of prescription opiate abuse. More
It all began in the late 80s. Doctors would be very stingy in prescribing pain killers, because they knew it would be addictive. But things began to change over the years. More
Sharon and her husband Mike went through a parent's worst nightmare, receiving the sobering news that their child is in a coma after an episode of opiate overdose. More
Brittany's addiction to Oxycotin took her down a dark path of stealing, lying and self-destruction. More
Keith Robinson put a gun to his head at 17 years old, ready to end it all when something happened that forever changed his life. More
Robert Allen "R.A." Dickey is an American professional baseball pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays of Major League Baseball. Here's how he became who he is and why he is second. More
Grab the Kleenex - there is a reason Molly's song "His Daughter" has gained over 7 million views on YouTube only after one month of the posting date! More
Christina Lane shares her experience, strength and hope in overcoming and persevering through childhood sexual abuse, teenage pregnancy and a difficult marriage. Through her struggles Jesus met her right where she was and gave her strength to rise ab More
Amy Corbin found herself spiraling into a life of alcohol & drugs as a means to escape reality. But on a memorable afternoon when she had contemplated ending her life, Amy found her life through a personal relationship with Jesus. More
Marilyn Skinner, co-Founder of Watoto, authored a new book - Return to Dignity. Return to Dignity tells the story of 8 women who have experienced life transformation in Jesus through the ministry of Watoto's "Living Hope" program that ministers to ap More
Aaron and Amanda Crabb are worship leaders with powerful testimonies individually and as a couple. They appreciate the power of music. They've seen it usher thousands into the presence of God as worship leaders and they've seen it calm their tiny dau More
Crossroads is partnering with an organization that sponsors programs for sexually trafficked children More
Girls kidnapped during Northern Uganda's civil war begin healing More
Brad Mathias, author of "Road Trip to Redemption", wife Paige and daughter Bethany talk about the effects separation, abuse, and unforgiveness has had on their family and how that resulted in a family More
You may have read her books, (more than 23 million have sold worldwide) or you might have worked out with her. Stormy Omartian began her career as a Hollywood entertainer on TV. She has now become a More
Asif Mall, Rights Activist/Missionary to Pakistan speaks out against the persecution of Christians in the East. More
Cheryl Weber sits down with Lisa Cheong shares a positive story of restoration out of Cambodia. Lisa Cheong-Cambodia Country Director - Ratanak International More
Moira Brown speaks with Elizabeth Correia her life in and out of foster care, dealing drugs and becoming a young mom at 18 and how she was freed from her past to help other women in need. Elizabeth C More
Moira Brown speaks with Jeanette Towne about how she escaped domestic abuse and shares hope for others going through it. Jeanette Towne Speaker, President & CEO of Synectic Book: "From Prisoner to More
Moira Brown speaks with Jeanette Towne about how she escaped domestic abuse and shares hope for others going through it. Jeanette Towne Speaker, President & CEO of Synectic Book: "From Prisoner to More
Tom Watson has an incredible life story to share, a story not unfamiliar to thousands of foster kids in the Canadian system. More
Elizabeth Correia Founder & CEO, D.e.v.a Event Planning Group Elizabeth grew up in the St. Jamestown neighborhood in downtown Toronto, where she was abused as a child, in and out of foster care, su More
Ron says "We really appreciate you and how you stay in touch with us through the phone, mail or email. And I appreciate how open and real you are with us, especially when it comes to sharing your pra More
Geri Pearson Founder, Hope for Mothers Through Christ, Geri Pearson found Freedom from past abuse, fear, guilt and shame. She desires to share the redeeming power fo Christ to give hope to other mot More
Ron says---"We too can get stuck in the proverbial "rat race" we're just running and running and seemingly getting nowhere in life. It's like a monotonous, repetitive, fruitless, and sometimes More
Josh McDowell details victory over emotional, physical and sexual abuse in his childhood. He shares the truths he discovered in his journey for something more. Josh McDowell Author, Founder of the J More
Josh McDowell uncovers the validity in an existence devoted to Christ in his personal search for significance. His story details victory over emotional, physical and sexual abuse in his childhood. he More
Jerry Johnston speaks with Cheryl Weber about the Documentary she directed on Michael Bull Roberts - Notorious to Glorious. More
Christine Williams talks with Patrick Klein ---Founder and Director of Vision Beyond Borders. Their vision is to serve Christ's worldwide Church. Klein has been involved in delivering Bibles into Comm More
Christine Williams talks with Patrick Klein ---Founder and Director of Vision Beyond Borders. Their vision is to serve Christ's worldwide Church. Klein has been involved in delivering Bibles into Comm More
A story of child abuse that lead to drug abuse, then later to spouse abuse, then when Benny was on the "Edge of a cliff" he found the life changing salvation of Jesus Christ. More
Yvonne St. Germaine is a Musician and speaker who travels with her incredible story. Prior to Yvonne's miracle that took place, July 26, 2006, she was leading a very dark lonely abused suicidal life. More
In this segment of Stay in Touch, Ron talks about Feeling God's Love More
Denise Lodde reports on the persecution of Christians in Vietnam More
Jim Cantelon speaks with Wendy Vanderstoep about her difficult past and her hope for the future. ; Instructor and Faculty Head-Addictions Worker Program-Trios College More
Moira Brown speaks with Kelita about her dysfunctional childhood and the sexual abuse she suffered and how she is using that to help those who are suffering right now. Kelita Singer, Songwriter CD: "H More
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