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TOPICS: Confession
Today's reading with David Mainse is from Genesis 3-4, and Genesis 3:12 is the key verse. More
Wholehearted Men represents Dave MacLean's passion to wholeheartedly lead so Christian men can wholeheartedly live More
A Look Into Adultery and the Ashley Madison Hack More
The Lord taught Moira some profound truth through her constant conniptions over her hair. More
Charlene fell away from God when she went to University and entered into a clubbing lifestyle. But God never gave up on her and kept pulling her back to Himself. More
When Peter denied Christ three times, it was a major failure in his relationship with God. Peter teaches us that failure, if properly responded to, leads to surrender. More
People don't go to war by themselves. It would be a suicide mission. Someone has to have your back. You need a battle buddy. The same is true in the spiritual battles we all face. More
Confessing my sin is good for my health. Any psychologist will tell you this: It's good to clear your conscience and get things off your chest. More
Have you ever asked, "What if..."? Ever thought about "If only..."? Ann share a little on her answer to these questions! More
Pastor Rick Warren gives us 3 simple steps to overcoming temptation that could help you break through an addiction, an attraction or a compulsion. More
Jerry Johnston gives us 3 keys to help us keep our focus to a healthier lifesyle. More
Authentic fellowship is not superficial, surface-level chit-chat. It's genuine, heart-to-heart, sometimes gut-level, sharing. More
Evangelist Bill Prankard believes that the nation of Canada can, and will be changed, as the people of God rise up into their destiny to possess the land that God has already given them. More
Dr. Eric Sandras is the author of "When the Sky is Falling: Finding Faith and Hope in Life's Crises". Here he talks about the meaning of repentance. More
Crossroads Intern Akim Burke, meets with the creators of the Toronto based art project named "Confessions Underground" and takes a look at how the truth can have an effect on our society FEATURED IN More
Much of what Kelita writes and sings about is gleaned from her own life experience. From tragedy to triumph, the lessons are shared with a transparency and honesty that engages and inspires. "Deep Dar More
Moira Brown welcomes someone we know from the Huntley Street family. Much of what singer/songwriter Kelita writes and sings about is gleaned from her own life experience. From tragedy to triumph, the More
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