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TOPICS: Terrorism
Russell Stendal, a former hostage of Colombian rebels, is a lifelong missionary to that same group in the jungles of Colombia. More
Gracia Burnham explains her experience as a missionary who was kidnapped and held captive overseas. More
A part of our calling at 100 Huntley Street is to be a global family of followers of Jesus. Earlier this year, on Easter Sunday, three churches and three hotels in Sri Lanka were bombed. Our CEO, Lorna Dueck, recently traveled to Sri Lanka. More
Cheryl Weber is joined by Rachel Mork via FaceTime to speak about the bombings that occurred early Easter morning in Sri Lanka. More
Father Ronald Angervil joined us to share about how his faith sustained him through a horrific experience he faced during his teen years. More
Today marks 17 years since the 9/11 terror attacks in New York City. Maggie John and Greg Musselman take a moment to remember all of those affected. More
Cheryl Weber and Kevin Pauls pray for the victims, families and first responders who have been affected by the van attack on Yonge Street in Toronto yesterday afternoon. More
Maggie John recently sat down with the real-life heroes who play themselves in the new Clint Eastwood movie based on their lives - The 15:17 to Paris. More
Maggie John prays for those who are mourning a great loss today after a lone gunman entered a little rural church in Sutherland Springs, Texas and opened fire killing at least 26 people. More
Joining Greg Musselman live via Skype, is Wilson Chowdhry, who was in the vicinity on the night of the vicious terrorist attack in Edmonton. More
Maggie John speaks about some of the disturbing terrorist attacks making headlines in recent news. More
It's been 16 years since the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center. Today we take a look back on this unspeakable tragedy. More
Greg Musselman is joined by Sean Speer. The two discuss how the economy and the world has changed since 9/11. More
Greg Musselman shares an update on a story he's been following with Voice of the Martyrs Canada. More
Featured: Gracia Burnham. More
We open the show on a sombre note with prayers for the victims of the attack in Manchester. More
One policeman was killed by gunmen who opened fire on a checkpoint near St. Catherine's monastery in Egypt's south Sinai. More
Cheryl Weber and Lorna Dueck address the need for prayer after a terrorist attack on a Quebec Mosque left 6 dead and 19 wounded. More
Cheryl Weber talks about Baroness Caroline Cox and the work she does including facing the Islamic Fulani Herdsmen in Nigeria and escaping a possible deadly attack. More
The Stage Is Set carefully illuminates the signs of the times that point toward Christ's glorious appearing and millennial reign, answering questions you have about the identity of the antichrist, the future of Israel, the location of Armageddon, and More
Tom Doyle is Vice President & Middle East Director of E3 Partners, a global church planting ministry and author of "Killing Christians: Living the Faith Where It's not safe to Believe". More
Joe Amaral and Cheryl Weber talk about the market attack in Germany, and urge people to pray for the victims and for the world. More
"Extravagant Graces: 23 Inspiring Stories of Facing Impossible Odds" tells the incredible story of how an airplane survived a terrorist bomb attempt. Jeanette Chaffee inspires audiences and readers to trust God during tough times by sharing the true More
Joe Amaral and Magdalene John share the many horrific news stories that have gripped the headlines this weekend. More
Wayne Driver shares his heart-breaking story about how his son was radicalized by ISIS. More
Matthew Soerens chats with Maggie John his book "Seeking Refuge." More
Greg Musselman talks about the recent terror attacks in Brussels, Belgium. More
We grieve with Belgium and share our prayer that God will bring something beautiful out of this terror. More
Bob VandePol speaks about facing crisis and how we can overcome. More
Brian Stiller shares about the current refugee crisis and what is being done. More
Jesus and the Jihads is a go-to guide to understanding ISIS' distorted theology. Through fresh historical and Biblical insights, discover how ISIS' acts of violence, terrorism, and persecution impact your life and your faith today. More
Cheryl Weber shares on the terrorist attacks in Paris and around the world. More
Authors of the book, "Target Israel", Dr. Ed Hindson and Dr. Tim LaHaye want to help give some insights to what God is doing in the nation of Israel. More
Dr. Ed Hindson, co-author of "Target Israel", speaks with first-hand experience about the fears and threats that Israel faces on a daily basis. More
Johnnie Moore shares his latest book Defying ISIS:Preserving Christianity in the Place of Its Birth and in Your Own Backyard More
Michael Coren and Johnnie Moore discuss Johnnie's new book "Defying Isis" More
Johnnie Moore ahres his latest book Defying ISIS:Preserving Christianity in the Place of Its Birth and in Your Own Backyard. More
Author and Broadcaster Michael Coren shares on the growing persecution of today's Christians around the world, specifically in the Middle East. More
Crossroads Relief and Development Producer Cheryl Weber shares her outrage at the ongoing situation in Northern Nigeria as Islamic extremist group Boko Haram continue to murder over 2,000 people since the beginning of this year. More
Gunshots were fired in the confrontation between the Sydney police force and the suspected gunman holding at least 15 people hostage in a cafe Monday, with multiple deaths and injuries. The suspected gunman has been identified as an Iranian sex offen More
Canon Andrew White has an extraordinary ministry of reconciliation and conflict mediation in the Middle East. Today he shares how he was ordered to leave Baghdad and shares about the current conflict there. More
Vicar of Baghdad, Canon Andrew White, speaks with Ron Mainse via the phone about the ongoing violence and uprising in Iraq. More
A Skype interview with Rob Beyer for some first hand information about the recent terrorist attack in Kenya, Nairobi. Rob Beyer - Dean of Students & Director of Development - Rosslyn Academy, Nairo More
Featured: Rob Beyer and Mark Gregston More
Dr. Jerry Johnston talks about the importance of praying for the Military and Armed Forces. Dr. Jerry Johnston - Crossroads, USA Scripture Reference: 2 Chron 32:8 More
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