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Mark prays for you outside a grocery store, a community of workers during COVID-19 who have been essential workers throughout. More
Our hosts have made it a priority to get out into the community and pray for people affected by COVID-19. Today Lara shares a prayer for those who serve in schools, students and parents. More
Ryan and Jennifer Walter join Lara Watson to talk about navigating the Coronavirus pandemic with your loved ones. More
Our Greg the Quirky Camera Guy took to the streets of Halifax to talk about what the rest of Canada can learn from the people of Halifax. More
Ethan & Chelsea Fenton are a husband and wife Christian music duo, based out of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, who are passionate about creating authentic worship music for the Church! More
Lieutenants Derek & Angela Kerr share about the love and support they received from The Salvation Army Food Bank during a difficult season and their lives and how they are now giving back to their community. More
Greg Musselman and Cheryl Weber discuss the outpouring of support that we've seen as communities and the nation have come together to honour the Humboldt Broncos. More
Cheryl Weber and Greg Musselman chat about how the nation has come together to support Humboldt as they grieve unspeakable tragedy. More
Judy Peterson "The Walking Pastor" chats with Rob Melnichuk at BreakForth in Alberta about her one year trek across America - in which she aimed to share the gospel as a part of her internship program while working towards her Master's Degree. More
Greg Musselman is joined by Sean Speer. The two discuss how the economy and the world has changed since 9/11. More
Ann Mainse is a Co-Director for Heart to Heart Marriage & Family Ministries. Ann is in the studio today accompanied by Moira Brown and Cheryl Weber to share about the Upcoming Women's Conference that the three will be speaking at. More
Looking to bring Huntley to your Church or community? Find out how! More
Cheryl Weber & Rob Melnichuk speak with Jason & Shawna Caldwell, who are the Directors of Hope 150. More
Cheryl Weber & Rob Melnichuk speak with Shirley Thiessen, who is the Director for Stories of Hope for Hope 150. More
Maggie John and Greg Musselman offer some practical tips to love and understand your neighbours, particularly people who are recent immigrants to the country or refugees. More
Greg Musselman and Lorna Dueck speak with Brian Beattie, Mayor Cam Guthrie, Neil Hetherington and Michael Van Pelt in the latest Nation Building Panel regarding building better cities. More
The "No Greater Love" Music Festival is coming to Alberta August 12 & 13! 100 Huntley Street on-air contributors, Rob Melnichuk and Kevin Pauls will be there to introduce bands and capture backstage exclusive footage. Don't miss it! More
It's Canada Day! To celebrate we share live fireworks from TheCry event in Kingston, Ontario. More
Featured: SPECIAL PROGRAMMING - Canada 150 More
Featured: SPECIAL PROGRAMMING - Canada 150 More
Maggie John speaks with Co-Founder & Executive Vice President of Cardus, Ray Pennings via Skype about the findings of a recent online survey regarding faith in Canada. More
Spirited Citizenship--the theme of this Canada 150 Nation Building panel. More
Kevin Pauls in conversation with singer and worship leader Dan Mcaulay. More
It was a year ago today that a massive wildfire was roaring through Fort McMurray, Alberta and Anthony Hoffman was one of the many heroic firefighters that fought what was called "The Beast." More
Rob Melnichuk speaks with Dr. Ron Hunter at the Breakforth Conference in Alberta. More
Alexander Best chats with Philip Yan, founder of design firm GenesisXD, now co-founder of Red Propeller, to tackle unresolved environmental and social issues. More
Carey Nieuwhof continues his interview sessions with the next generation. Today he is joined by Joanna la Fleur, Director of Communications at C4 Church. More
Eugene Cho is leading people in the charge to fight extreme poverty through "One Day's Wages" More
Wholehearted Men represents Dave MacLean's passion to wholeheartedly lead so Christian men can wholeheartedly live More
Lorna Dueck shares about connecting with people of all generations since she has arrived at Crossroads More
Arvid Loewen is an Ultra-Marathon Cyclist who has just completed Cycling across Canada to raise funds for Mully Children's Home. More
Michael W.Smith chats with Maggie John on the upcoming Together 2016 Conference in Washington D.C. More
Cal Maskery is Founder and Executive Director of Harvest House Atlantic - they provide help, guidance and support for many who are in need. More
Jonathan David Golden shares how he found a way to turn coffee into a mission in Rwanda. More
We speak with Anthony Hoffman about what it is like as people return home to Fort McMurray after the devastating wildfire. More
Shaila Visser shares on ALPHA Canada and focuses on the new revamp to reach out to Millennials. More
Once again, Cheryl Weber brings us compelling stories of people rising up to the occasion as the tragedy hits in Fort McMurray. More
Cheryl Weber reports LIVE on the fires in Fort McMurray, Alberta. More
We speak to pastor Bob Jones of North Pointe Community Church about the church on the ground in Fort McMurray. More
Katy Albert shares the work she does to help families facing difficulties with Autism. More
Cheryl Weber and Magdalene John speak about the genocide that is going on against Christian minorities around the world. More
Corrine Hardie is Executive Director at Helping Hands Street Mission - Helping Hands Street Mission is volunteer driven and relies on the generosity of the community and neighboring communities to help meet the needs of those living in the Barton Str More
Dave Carrol "Captain Kindness" is Community Pastor at Freedom House Church in Brantford, Ontario and Kindness Project Founder. He shares on The Kindness Project - Changing cities through multi-level, co-ordinated, intentional, strategic acts of KINDN More
Tara Lalonde, PhD is a Registered Psychotherapist and shares on the spiritual importance of receiving counselling. More
Peter Rosenberger helps caregivers strengthen themselves as they care for vulnerable loved ones, including tips on what caregivers can do TODAY that will strengthen their lives TODAY. More
Frederick Dryden is the Founder & Executive Director of Liberty for Youth which provides prevention and intervention for at-risk youth in poverty, on probation, in gangs, or in despair. He talks about the run he is participating in to bring awareness More
Bob VandePol speaks about facing crisis and how we can overcome. More
Dave Addison is Executive Director at Toronto City Mission. He has devoted his life in the last few years to helping others. More
Sharon Ninaber is Founder and Director of Church at the Manor in Guelph, Ontario. Church at the Manor is a missional church that meets in a strip club. It is focused on being the hands and feet of Jesus and seeing people come to experience the powe More
Dave Addison is the Executive Director of Toronto City Mission which runs the Role Model Moms program. More
Arlen Salte is Co-Founder & Executive Director of Break Forth Ministries and One of Alberta's 50 Most Influential People. More
If you don't believe in miracles this story might have you rethinking your stance on that. Cheryl Ettinger Neal is a Family Life Pastor at Glad Tidings Church here in Burlington but today she is here to tell us the miraculous story of how God blessed More
With the current influx of 10,000 refugees from Syria entering our country and a promise of 15,000 more in a couple of months a lot of communities have been finding ways to make the thousands of new comers welcome in our country. One ministry who has More
Bill Devolin helps lead the refugee committee who are supporting this family and Udo Woelke is a church member and former refugee himself. More
Tim Huff shares his book, "The Yuletide Factor: Cause for Perpetual Comfort and Joy". More
Maggie Baratto shares her personal story of being a teenage runaway and having an unplanned pregnancy with an abusive man and her journey through 2 more unplanned pregnancies. More
Theresa McMurray shares about the work that the Stratford House of Blessing does with the help of donations, including a special donation from Billboard chart topper Justin Bieber who recently surprised Torontonians with a benefit concert. More
John Hull speaks to Allan Mills about the work Christian Horizons is doing to help families of people with disabilities. More
Colonel Gerry Potter shares how we can support our military and their families. More
Assisting New Refugees who are coming after great turmoil. More
Joshua Brake shares Kutoa - a public foundation dedicated to helping others through various projects such as protecting the vulnerable, promoting the Education of Girls, Escaping Slavery, and defending the Oppressed. More
a story of life after prostitution and addiction More
Shelly Calcagno is joined by author and blogger Shauna Niequist to discuss the recipe contents of her latest book, a devotional titled "Savor". More
Carey Nieuwhof talks to a group of young people about why they have stayed connected to their church when many people their age have left. More
Authentic Christian community is God's design. Yet it has been seriously compromised in our high tech, high speed culture. Moira Brown blogs about the importance of having "conversations that matter" from Rachael Crabb's new book, Listen In. More
The Word Guild - Canada's Largest Writers Conference More
And I'd love to encourage you and remind you that you are a beautiful child of God, and although becoming healthy and fit is a good goal, this journey is more about breaking free from the ties that hold you back from being all that God intends you to More
Romans 12:9-10 says "Don't just pretend to love others. Really love them…love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honouring each other." Humans need face-to-face contact as we need air and water! Community is God's design! More
Stuart Briscoe explains a more clear definition of Church and answers the question 'Do I Need a Church?' More
Shelly Calcagno shares a few creative ideas of how we can serve others this Christmas! More
Holly DeGraaf from Ten Thousand Villiages shows us how buying gifts for people in our life can be much more meaningful when those gifts are supporting artisans and their craft in developing nations. More
After 25 years, 17 albums, and multiple major music awards, Winnipeg singer/songwriter Steve Bell just released his most ambitious project to date. More
Shelly Calcagno leads a discussion on how we can help people in our community who are struggling with poverty and food insecurity. More
We possess the hands of Jesus, and we are called to serve one another, together. More
It's amazing to think that a shoebox could change a life for a child. Samaritan's Purse does just that through their annual Operation Christmas Child outreach. Get involved to change a child's life this Christmas! More
Alex Douglas grew up in a Christian home so the gospel was not new to him. Yet, hearing it fresh, in a new context at camp touched his heart and awakened him what Jesus wanted to do in his life. Alex is the alumni of Ontario Pioneer Camp ( More
Ossie Mills, Executive VP for University Advancement at ORU, stopped by to speak with Ron Mainse about Empowered 21 - a global network of relationship, focused on resourcing the spirit-empowered community. More
what does the bible say about anxiety? And how can we suppress our anxious thoughts the very moment they occur? Here are 7 things you can do right now that will restore peace. More
David and Carol Basso's teenage daughter, Anna, was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma - a rare and aggressive form of bone cancer in 2009. During her battle with cancer, over a million prayers were pledged on Anna's behalf through 1 Million 4 Anna. This More
Exclusive backstage interview with David Crowder at the 2014 K-LOVE Fan Awards! More
Rend Collective is pushing out the message of hope that joy is a choice. More
David Willson, CEO of More Than Gold, 2012 said, ‘This is by far the largest contribution from churches to any Olympics. Thousands of Christians stepped up to the mark, working together to engage with their communities and welcome visitors to a lev More
Cst. Allan Stevenson was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease that affected his liver. In the midst of all the support among his co-workers and friends, he received a call on May 15, 2014 that a liver donation was available. More
Hany Boghossian, Executive Leader of Greater Toronto Festival of Hope and the student team co-leader Geninne Bridge gives more information about the upcoming Festival of Hope event as well as the various things one can get involved with prior to the More
Patti Foster was in a tragic car accident. Because of her closed-head injuries and her long, arduous road of learning to live again, she, now, as a head-trauma survivor, passionately encourages us to live life to the fullest! More
Whether it's in our professional role, social settings, church, at school - no one wants to be alone. We can influence and impact others by simply inviting them into the conversation and the bigger picture. More
Even if a family can only afford to hire one caregiver-companion or use volunteers, just a few times a week of personal attention will give an elder a diversion from his or her illnesses, and their family caregiver a much needed break. More
Rend Collective made a recent theological breakthrough as a band that is changing everything about their approach to music and life: seriousness is not a fruit of the spirit, but joy is. More
Stratford's Ali Matthews is an award winning Contemporary Christian Musician. Today she will talk about her new CD, "Tell Me a Story" which is a new collection of songs about hope, heartache and the power of community. More
Jerry Johnston sits down with Lorna Dueck of Context with Lorna Dueck as she provides a Christian perspective on the political and social unrest in Egypt. She also talks about the September Launch of More
Jerry Johnston speaks with Mike Cosco about how his family came to faith through 100 Huntley Street and how that legacy continues to make an impact. More
Ron speaks with Jeff Nene about the efforts going on in Alberta and how the church has been a connecting point for the people. More
Rick Wengel is the pastor from Full Gospel Church from High River Alberta. He talks about the recent flooding in Alberta and the recovery efforts. More
Rend Collective Experiment talks to Crossroads 360 about their album "Campfire," building the Kingdom of God and sharing life in community. More
Ed Brost, of My Hope with Billy Graham, provides insight on how to reach your neighbours by being 'a Matthew' when you share your faith story. Here he speaks about the importance of reaching out in yo More
Crossroads is pleased to present an online interactive experience that enriches family relationships. Me In A Tree is a fun filled resource for parents and kids. After a two week free trial a monthly More
The trafficking of children is a topic painful to talk about, yet the United Nations estimates that over a million are sold each year, nearly half for sexual exploitation. Crossroads Relief & Develop More
Since it is National Volunteer Week, Crossroads is giving a special thank-you to our many volunteers with a small luncheon every day this week. Diana Morgan - Coordinator, National Crossroads Ministr More
Melinda Estabrooks with Crossroads 360 gets personal (and uncomfortable) with activist, author and founding member of The Simple Way ( Shane Claiborne and yes, even gets him to ju More
Crossroads Ministry Prayer Centre Manager Diana Morgan joins us to talk about the 24/7 prayer lines. The Centre gets about a thousand calls a day and needs more prayer partners! http://crossroads.c More
The Full Circle women discuss the Cross and what it has meant to each of them over this past year. More
Rachael Harder shares about the importance of participation for youth in church. Rachael Harder-Youth and Young Adult Consultant More
Rachael Harder shares about the importance of community for our young people in church. Rachael Harder-Youth and Young Adult Consultant More
Michael "Pinball" Clemons, is a CFL Legend and Toronto Argonauts Vice-Chairman. He explains the significance of the 100th Anniversary of the Grey Cup. More
The Full Circle Ladies speak with Jenna & Natalie Lambert about the swims they did across Lake Ontario to raise money for a program helping those with disabilities find ability. Jenna Lambert First More
Produced By: Bridget Antwi Gord Pauls is a Hamilton, Ontario athlete who is running 3 iron man races to raise $200,000 for micro credit projects, in the northern coast city of Cap-Haitien, Haiti. He' More
Moira Brown speaks with Ace Clarke about his past as an outlawed Biker to his current calling as a Spiritual leader. Ace Clarke - Biker Pastor ? The Joshua Center - Founder, The Hamilton Dream Center More
Moira Brown speaks with Margaret Terry about the power of a letter and how it helped her friend facing cancer and many around the world. Margaret Terry - Author, "Dear Deb" More
Ron explains--"It is a privilege for us here at 100 Huntley Street to pray for so many people, whatever the need might be. Perhaps you've connected with us yourself either by calling our prayer line o More
Tom Watson has an incredible life story to share, a story not unfamiliar to thousands of foster kids in the Canadian system. More
Ron says "We really appreciate you and how you stay in touch with us through the phone, mail or email. And I appreciate how open and real you are with us, especially when it comes to sharing your pra More
If you belong to Christ you are an ambassador for Him. The apostle Paul called us ministers of reconciliation wherever we are. Wilma Andres was called to missions right in her own backyard in Hamilton More
Missy Buchanan - Author/ Speaker - Books -- "Living With Purpose" and "Don't Write My Obituary Just Yet." Missy was a daily caregiver for her 92- year old Mother after her own father passed away aft More
Peter Fassbender Mayor - City of Langley, BC Mayor Fassbender serves the community through a variety of committees and is also a board member with World Vision. Today he will share what it is like t More
Natalie Faith talks to Tim Richtor of the 10 Year Plan to End Homelessness about the progress after year 4 of the Plan. Natalie also talks with Geoff Zakaib, chairman of Kairos Calgary, a group of 130 More
Meagan Kelly---Watch and Pray The Watch and Pray program is up and running in downtown Edmonton, Alberta. The ministry brings together Christians to patrol the streets of the downtown core. Thanks More
One of our viewers wrote this prayer request to us in an email... "Please beseech God to surround me with supportive, non-judgmental, wise brothers and sisters..." - Sylvia We all desire that sens More
Nigel Paul is the Founder of "MoveIn" and is part of some incredible ministry work happening in our communities. He has quite a unique story to tell, in part about his wedding just about a year ago. More
Nigel Paul is the Founder of "MoveIn" and is part of some incredible ministry work happening in our communities. He has quite a unique story to tell, in part about his wedding just about a year ago. H More
Ron Mainse speaks with Michael "Pinball" Clemons - CFL Legend and Toronto Argonauts Vice-Chairman about faith and football More
Jim Cantelon interviews author Colin McCartney about being a Red Letter Christian. Colin is the Founder of Urban Promise Toronto, an organization that reaches hundreds of children, youth and families More
"Mercury Morris" PRODUCED BY: Mindy Tweedle SUMMARY OF REPORT: Jim Cantelon speaks with former Miami Dolphin's Running Back, Mercury Morris, at a Tony Fernandez fund raising golf tournament. More
911 Habitat Build Mindy Tweedle We've all heard of Habitat for Humanity, and they are once again blessing a family with a new home in Toronto, Ontario. Thanks to their endless volunteers Habitat bu More
Steve Bell shares his story behind the music as a Singer/Songwriter with the women on the Full Circle Couch. His CD -- Kindness More
Jamie Arpin Ricci is Co-director of YWAM Urban Ministries He's the author, "Cost of Community: Jesus, St. Francis and the Life in the Kingdom" More
Jim Cantelon welcomes Barna Group founder and author George Barna More
Reporter Denise Lodde traveled to the Nishnawbe Aski Nation with Ruth Ann Onley, wife of Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, David Onley, to report on how a computer literacy initiative is helping kids ca More
Jim Cantelon speaks with Terry Posthumus about his ministry through his music both here and in the Philippines. ; Terry Posthumus ; Singer, Songwriter ; CD: "Mercy" ; More
Ron & Ann Mainse talk to Melissa McEachern about the new initiative to have citizen journalists all around the world sharing faith stories that don't get told. More
100 Huntley Street goes to the streets and asks, "What would you say to someone who has no hope?" More
100 Huntley Street goes to the streets and asks, "What hope should people experiencing disaster have?" More
Moira Brown speaks to Allan & Cheryl Roach about being pastors of "The Gathering Place" in London, Ontario and how a church sign they posted got the attention of many. ; Allan & Cheryl Roach ; Pas More
Produced By: Magdalene John ; The Mennonite Central Committee has been consciously coming up with ways to be more energy conscious, with a ministry specifically geared to Creation Care. ; FEATURED IN More
Produced By: Bridget Antwi ; Street Connection is a mobile soup kitchen and ministry in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Founded by Rob and Sandra Pattison, the ministry has been feeding and providing clothing More
Twenty-seven years ago Candace Derksen went missing. As Magdalene John reports, Candace's parents haven't allowed this dark time in their lives to hold them down, they have found hope in the midst of More
Ron Mainse talks about loneliness and the value of friendship. More
Produced By: Bridget Antwi Hockey Ministries International is a hockey program, established in Montreal in the 1970's by former pro hockey player, Don Liesemer. His goal was to share the message of C More
Report Produced By: Dean Muz Many churches struggle to find ways to attract new people, but Church on 99th in Edmonton, Alberta, seems to have caught onto something by hosting an annual car show. More
Former Starfield Frontman Releases Sophomore Solo Album "The Joy" More
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