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TOPICS: Comfort
Greg the Quirky Camera Guy took to the streets of Halifax to ask residents about when they've had to go outside their comfort zone in life. More
Cheryl Weber and Greg Musselman chat about how the nation has come together to support Humboldt as they grieve unspeakable tragedy. More
Dr. Ravi Zacharias, Founder and President of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, gives an answer to the question of suffering and evil. More
Peter Rosenberger helps caregivers strengthen themselves as they care for vulnerable loved ones, including tips on what caregivers can do TODAY that will strengthen their lives TODAY. More
Bob VandePol speaks about facing crisis and how we can overcome. More
Well this is the day that we've been building up to for months - the gift giving, the planning, the cooking and the parties - it is Christmas day, said to be one of the warmest, most meaningful days of the year. It is a time to be generous and remem More
Sheila Walsh shares her devotional for busy women. How important it is for women to spend time alone with God and the effect it can have on a woman's life. More
A powerful musical testimony proclaiming that God's love is always with us regardless of our questions or circumstances. More
A short video that is based on Matthew 11:28-29, illustrating one of God's promise to us - Comfort. More
There are seasonsin our lives that are painful. God may not take the pain away, or take you out of that uncomfortable situation... but that doesn't mean He has left you. He is there with you every step. More
Gary Thomas on how difficulty in marriage can actually strengthen our relationship with God. More
It can seem like the end of the road and it feels like you can't move on. But he is strong and he has power. He gives his power to those who feel weak. More
If you are going through a difficult time right now, please speak with someone about it. Call our prayer lines at 1866-273-4444. We have someone standing by 24 hours a day. More
Author Robert Morgan dissects Psalm 23:5 for us - stressing on God's protection and provision. More
Author Robert Morgan reassures us that Jesus is always with us even if we are surrounded by darkness or shadows. His rod will always be there to comfort you. More
I run to him. He restores my soul. He fills me up. He goes after each one of his flock. More
Robert Morgan, author of "The Lord is my Shepherd" speaks about the peaceful setting of Psalm 23. The Lord is my Shepherd, therefore, I have everything I need. More
Christian music artist Jeremy Camps talks about his album Reckless in Toronto, ON at Beruna Music Festival with Naomi Striemer. More
Memorizing scripture is important, but not alot of us to it. The power of Psalm 23 is in the understanding, and memorizing these verses can help! More
Are the stresses of life wearing you down? Are you anxious, afraid, worried? Are you simply not resting, unable to find peace? Through the timeless words of Psalm 23 you can be instantly transported to green pastures, still waters, and a restored sou More
Official music video for new Christian artist Holly Starr. Single released June 10, 2014. More
Through the years on 100 Huntley Street and in the Crossroads Compass magazine, many have enjoyed Moira Brown's inspirational stories and wisdom. Now, for the first time, a collection of her adventures with God and lessons in life are available in bo More
The Christian life should be all about discovering and doing what Jesus had said. More
Steven K Scott tells us why Jesus said so much about the Father and yet so little about the Holy Spirit, while identifying 11 ministries of the Holy Spirit, such as spiritual birth. More
"You've got the ones I term the belly-achers," says Mike with a laugh. "Those are the hurting songs, which are way outnumbered by what came after that, the songs that say, 'We can't wait to worship God because we see even in tragedy, God, You are tri More
Have you ever wondered why God allows suffering? Pastor Karl Faase shares some wisdom with regards to this very common question. More
Moira Brown has discovered the original meaning behind a favourite carol that might illuminate your favourite holiday greeting! More
Remembering our fallen soldiers, remembering the price we have to pay for freedom, justice and peace. More
Moira Brown sits down with Joel Osteen to talk about how he never wanted to be a preacher, his ministry, and his new book, "Break Out: 5 Keys to Go Beyond Your Barriers and Live an Extraordinary Life" More
Moira Brown speaks with Shirley Roberts, author of "DORIS INC. A Business Approach to Caring for Your Elderly Parents" While caring for her ailing mother, Shirley discovered first hand that our soci More
Harold's work on organ donation is inspired by memory of his wife Betty, who passed away soon after collapsing on election night May 2, 2011. Her final gift saved five lives. More
Moira Brown speaks with Connie Hale about her story of survival, the power of hope in the midst of sorrow, and life beyond the diagnosis of her son's schizophrenia, and her husbands cancer. Connie Ha More
Magdalene John speaks with Cynthia Stotlar about how God helped her through while being a caregiver. Cynthia Stotlar Book: "A Caregiver's Companion: Spiritual Support" More
Ron Mainse talks about feeling hopeless and brokenhearted More
The musical trio Selah sing a song that came out of the tragedy of a baby born incompatible with life, and her subsequent death. More
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