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TOPICS: Weakness
Author Clayton King went through a long season of death in his family. His mother's passing was the beginning of his journey to find out how is God's strength really revealed through his weakness. More
When we lose the illusion of control, we are forced to go to God. Author Clayton King knows this feeling all too well as he consistently drew his strength from God over the years of loss, pain and suffering. More
Clayton King said in his book "Stronger" that no one gets an exemption, but we do get a companion. There will be hard times in life, but we are not alone - God is with us. More
A fallen "JOY" sign sparked an inspiration in Moira Brown on how we should not compromise our Joy - a much required discipline of the Christian life! More
Heather Boersma Speaker / Author. Her Book is Dream Big: 30 Days to a Life Beyond all you could ask or imagine More
"Beyond Me--Living a You First Live in a Me First World" Kathi Macias is a multi-award winning writer and author of nearly 40 books and ghostwritten several others. Speaker/Teacher of creative and bus More
Ron says many of us struggle with the limits of Grace. But we don't want to be like that so we try to be good as best as we can. We try to do the right thing, but we're human and make mistakes. One vi More
Jennifer Beckham played the part of a princess at Disney World. But she didn't feel like a princess. She learned that regardless of what we feel in the moment, we have to understand that we were calle More
Ron Mainse speaks about having confidence in Christ More
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