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Olympic Sprinter, Khamica Bingham shares her story of overcoming. More
Canadian marathon runner Krista DuChene placed 35th on Sunday August 14th at the Rio 2016 Summer Olympic games. DuChene ran 42 Kilometers before crossing the finish line with a time of More
As we approached THE STAIRS one guy was just taking his last step when he exclaimed "I'm going to throw up!" You would think this would be a sign that I should just hop back in my car and drive back home but nope, I didn't!! More
Shelley-Ann Brown knows a lot about working hard and staying focussed on the task at hand, last year she took home a silver medal at the Vancouver Winter Olympics. And as reporter Magdalene John found More
Moira Brown speaks with Olympic runner Silvia Ruegger about her Olympic past, the death of a dream and how she found purpose out of that. Silvia Ruegger - National Director of Start2Finish, Running a More
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