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Greg Musselman and Cheryl Weber discuss the serious issue of Christian persecution in Eritrea as well as an upcoming Voice of the Martyrs virtual event this weekend covering Christian persecution. More
This year's World Watch List (WWL), produced annually by Open Doors International, highlights how the global pandemic has exacerbated the systemic discrimination and persecution that over 340 million Christians experience on an ongoing basis. More
Elizabeth Lane Miller is the Women's Persecution Specialist for Open Doors International. Since 2016 she has been tracking trends and raising awareness related to hidden dynamics of persecution experienced by Christian women. More
Bob Fu is one of the leading voices in the world for persecuted faith communities in China. More
The Rev. Dr. Eric Foley is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Voice of the Martyrs, Korea. More
Kumar Swamy used to be a Dalit, deemed untouchable by his community in India. Dalit's have no place in society and are seen as outcasts. Truth is what set Kumar free from the discriminating society. More
Our focus is a remote south-east region of Colombia where hundreds of families have been forced to leave their old lives behind in order to escape torture and persecution. More
Russell Stendal, a former hostage of Colombian rebels, is a lifelong missionary to that same group in the jungles of Colombia. More
Aashima Samuel joins Cheryl Weber to speak about the importance of advocating for women's rights in India. More
In 1987, Patrick made a decision to join International Teams (then of Prospect Heights, IL) and deliver Bibles, Christian literature, food, clothing and medicine to Romania and other Eastern European countries. More
Wilson Chowdhry joins Maggie John to speak about Asia Bibi's release. More
Cheryl Weber is joined by Rachel Mork via FaceTime to speak about the bombings that occurred early Easter morning in Sri Lanka. More
Pauline's husband, Rami worked for the Palestinian Bible Society and ran a Christian bookshop in Gaza. Greg Musselman sat down with her to talk about Rami's tragic story. More
Bob Fu joins Greg Musselman via Skype to chat about Christian persecution in China. More
Bob Fu shares about persecuted Christians in China. More
Featured: Kevin & Julia Garratt. More
Petr Jasek joins Greg Musselman to share his story of being arrested and sentenced to life in prison for treason and espionage while documenting Christian persecution in Sudan. More
Greg Musselman is joined by Johnnie Moore via Skype. The two chat about Johnnie's book "The Martyr's Oath" and christian persecution around the world. More
Cheryl Weber and Greg Musselman speak about signing the Open Doors Petition, which is advocating for rights to religious freedom in the Middle East. More
The International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church is coming up this Sunday, November 12, 2017. More
Greg Musselman shares Mrs. Lee's testimony. More
Lorna Dueck and Cheryl Weber rejoice and share details about Canadian Pastor Hyeon Soo Lim's release after he spent two and a half years imprisoned in North Korea under a life sentence of hard labour. More
A Canadian pastor imprisoned in North Korea under a life sentence of hard labour has finally been released and he landed back in Canada on Saturday morning. Catch a special 100 Huntley Street program covered by Cheryl Weber and Lorna Dueck! More
Dennis J. Hassell sits down for an interview with Greg Musselman to discuss his play "Solitary Refinement" which will be touring in churches and communities across Canada. More
Featured: Tom & JoAnn Doyle, Nabeel Qureshi. More
Greg Musselman speaks with the Founding Director of Open Doors Canada, Paul Estabrooks about his work with the persecuted Church before his recent retirement. More
Maggie John & Greg Musselman talk about Christian persecution in Sudan. More
Greg Musselman shares some teaching points on the theology of persecution. More
Cheryl Weber & Greg Musselman discuss the Open Doors 2017 World Watch List and the top 50 countries facing the most Christian persecution worldwide. More
Cheryl Weber & Greg Musselman talk about North Korea topping the 2017 Open Doors World Watch List. More
Greg Musselman speaks with CEO & President, Barry Slauenwhite about the outreach of Compassion Canada. More
Lorna Dueck speaks with Chinese American Christian pastor Bob Fu about persecuted Christians in China. More
Mike Sherbino & Cheryl Weber discuss the number of Christian martyrs and Christian persecution. More
Tom Zurowski is Founder and Director of Global Response Network and Field Officer with The Voice of the Martyrs Canada. He shares on the persecuted church in the work he does. More
Father Pishoy Salama is a Priest at St. Maurice & St Verena Coptic Orthodox Church - he led the first Coptic Orthodox church in North America. He shares about Orthodox Christmas and how the Orthodox church has suffered greatly in the Middle East and More
Tom Doyle is Vice President & Middle East Director of E3 Partners, a global church planting ministry and author of "Killing Christians: Living the Faith Where It's not safe to Believe". More
Greg Musselman joins Cheryl Weber to discuss Christian persecution in Afghanistan. More
Joe Amaral & Cheryl Weber talk about the growth of the Church in India despite persecution, as well as the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. More
Joe and Maggie discuss the statistics and horrific events that happen when Christians declare their faith in North Korea More
Cheryl Weber interviews Jeevaline Kumar to learn more about the lives of Dalit Women in India. More
Gracia Burnham explains her experience as a missionary who was kidnapped and held captive overseas. More
Cheryl Weber & Magdalene John discuss how Hungary is addressing the growing issue of Christian persecution in the Middle East & Europe. More
Joe Amaral, Magdalene John and Cheryl Weber discuss a hot topic: do women face more persecution than men? More
Cheryl Weber discusses Christian persecution with Tom Doyle. More
Todd Smith shares details about the gripping documentary "The Insanity of God." More
Cheryl Weber talks about attending the Catholic Archdiocese Press Conference focused on Christian Persecution around the world. More
JoAnn Doyle, Director of "Not Forgotten Women's Ministry", shares her heart about loving upon Muslim women - both at home and in the Middle East. More
Gracia Burnham shares her experience as a missionary overseas. More
Johnnie Moore has been fighting the battle of persecuted Christians South of the border and has helped organize the rescue of hundreds of persecuted Christians from the region. He has joined us to discuss these new developments. More
John Hull shares on how we need to face persecution More
Kenneth Bae is the longest held American prisoner inside North Korea in its history and he is advocating for Rev. Hyeon Soo Lim's release now More
Greg Musselman, Cheryl Weber, and John Hull talk about Christians in China. More
Greg Musselman shares an update on the situation in Eritrea. More
Greg Musselman is Vice President of Media & Domestic Ministry, the Voice of the Martyrs Canada, today he shares about the bombing in Lehore Pakistan and the continued persecution Christians in the Middle East face. More
Johnnie Moore shares his latest project "We Stand With Them" helping and supporting those persecuted for their faith all over the world. More
The Newsboys discuss their role in Gods Not Dead 2 and why they believe this movie shares such an important message. More
Cheryl Weber and Magdalene John speak about the genocide that is going on against Christian minorities around the world. More
Tom Doyle shares about the faith of those who are persecuted just for believing in Jesus. More
Greg Musselman is VP of Media & Domestic Ministry, the Voice of the Martyrs Canada today he shares on the terror Boko Haram is bringing to the Middle East. More
John Hull shares the testimonies of how a group of KGB agents are transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ! More
Tom Doyle is Vice President & Middle East Director of E3 Partners, a global church planting ministry. Today he shares about being a Christian in the Middle East today - and real-life accounts of 21st Century believers whose lives are literally at sta More
It's released at the beginning of each year and although the contents are so incredibly important the news has not been good. Open Doors world watch list ranks the top 50 countries where Christians face the most persecution, and this year's report sa More
Lisa Pak, a member of Rev. Hyeon Soo Lim's congregation here in Canada, is here to give us updates on Pastor Lim's well-being as a prisoner in North Korea. More
Kumar Swamy grew up in a Hindu-Dalit family and throughout his childhood, his mother told him he was a Dalit, an Untouchable and that he was sub-human... More
Greg Musselman is a passionate advocate for Christians who are suffering persecution for their faith, and often finds himself in dangerous locations around the world, chronicling their stories. His work with The Voice of the Martyrs Canada not only More
Canon Andrew White shares his life of taking risks to make peace in the Middle East. More
Canon Andrew White shares the need to pray for the persecuted church. More
Carey Nieuwhof sat down with author and Christian Apologist, Nabeel Qureshi, to talk about his journey of faith from Allah to Jesus. More
Cheryl Weber speaks with Greg Musselman who is VP of Domestic Media & Ministry, the Voice of the Martyrs Canada about the persecution in Eritrea and the ongoing issues there. More
WEA, is an internationally respected voice and platform for women of the church globally. Identifying and addressing the unique needs of women around the world. Partnering with other international women's organizations for the benefit of women worl More
Greg Musselman shares about Christian persecution in Sri Lanka. More
Johnnie Moore shares his latest book Defying ISIS:Preserving Christianity in the Place of Its Birth and in Your Own Backyard More
Michael Coren and Johnnie Moore discuss Johnnie's new book "Defying Isis" More
Michael Coren talks The Landscape of Faith in North America and how we are looked at by others. More
Johnnie Moore ahres his latest book Defying ISIS:Preserving Christianity in the Place of Its Birth and in Your Own Backyard. More
Author and Broadcaster Michael Coren shares on the growing persecution of today's Christians around the world, specifically in the Middle East. More
Greg Musselman talks about the persecution of Christians. More
Lisa Pak is a pastor and spokesperson for Light Korean Presbyterian Church, a Toronto area church whose pastor, Rev. Lim, has been missing inside North Korea for a month. More
Meriam Ibrahim, the Christian mother who was held prisoner and initially sentenced to death in Sudan for her faith, is set to receive the National Religious Broadcasters' President's Award later in February for showing "what it means to not be ashame More
Greg Musselman, VP of Domestic Media and Ministry for the Voice of the Martyrs - Canada, travels to hostile nations to produce video documentaries of persecuted Christians. As a popular speaker, Greg shares the message of our persecuted family in chu More
100 Huntley Street Reporter Magdalene John brings us an update on the case of Bethany Paquette - a recent graduate from Trinity Western University who got rejected in her job application and "attacked" on her faith in God. More
The slaughter of Christians taking place today is like a "living history" for Rep. Anna Eshoo, D-California. Her parents and grandparents fled the Middle East because they were being persecuted for their Christian faith, she explained to The Christia More
Persecution watchdog group Open Doors has released its top 10 list of countries where Christians face the most violent attacks for their faith, with Nigeria topping the list. More
Peter was under tremendous pressure being persecuted and imprisoned because of his love for God but the church he was building was praying for him. When Peter was released by angels and showed up at the prayer meeting, the people were in awe that the More
In the book of Daniel, the major character finds himself in a very complicated situation. He has been living a life of excellence; he has been obedient to God and risen to top levels of government in that society. More
A high or very high social hostility toward religion was reported in a third of the 198 countries and territories analyzed by the Pew Research Center in a report released on Tuesday, marking an increase in almost every major region around the world. More
Rev. Paul Estabrooks is a veteran foreign missionary with a deep concern for Christians in restricted countries and he goes to these countries to encourage the believers and to provide training or assistance to them. More
A true story of Bob Fu's conversion to Christianity, his imprisonment, his escape and the subsequent rise to prominence. More
John L. Allen, Jr., the senior Vatican correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter, makes it its mission to "shatter the silence" on the topic and expose the intense suffering and injustice belie More
An evangelistic event, "Count it Right," began last night in Egypt where thousands of Christians are expected to attend over the course of three-days despite the very real possibility of facing persec More
John Hull, Crossroads CEO, sits down with Underground Preacher Bob Fu to get an insight on what is happening in China with the growth of the gospel. 60 years after the brutal communism rule, the numbe More
Ron Mainse Rev. Peter Paul a man who himself fleed Pakistan from persecution. He is here to share about the recent suicide attack on All Saints Church in Peshawar Pakistan. Rev. Peter Paul-Pastor,Cor More
Asif Mall, Rights Activist/Missionary to Pakistan speaks out against the persecution of Christians in the East. More
Pastor and author Mark Buchanan explains how God uses persecution to motivate the church to become vibrant and extend the gospel to the ends of the earth. More
Jerry Johnston speaks with James Merritt about his fight against depression and how to he is still healing from it. James Merritt - Pastor, Host of the Touching Lives TV Program Book: "Still Standin More
Nazanin Afshin-Jam was crowned Miss World Canada, in 2003. She is a strong human rights activist helping women in Iran. More
Jim sits down with Greg Musselman to talk about the persecuted church and the price Christians are faced to pay around the world for their faith. More
Missionary evangelist to Asian communities in the UK - which he continues till today; his roles includes being the consultant for Asian Ministry, evangelist, apologist, Trainer, leading a TV ministry More
Ron tells us "Capital punishment has always been a controversial subject. In Canada, years of debate took place before it was officially outlawed in 1976. But as I read through some of our emails and More
You've probably heard about Halifax student 19-year old William Swiminer in the news this week. He was suspended after wearing a t-shirt with the slogan "Life is Wasted Without Jesus". Lots of publici More
Moira Brown speaks with Joseph D'Souza about his fight for human rights for Dalits. Joseph D'Souza Author of "On the Side of the Angels" International President of the Dalit Freedom Network More
Moira Brown speaks with Joseph D'Souza about his fight for human rights for Dalits. Joseph D'Souza Author of "On the Side of the Angels" International President of the Dalit Freedom Network http:/ More
Jody Cross talks about the new collaboration project between World Vision and 100 Huntley Street called, "This is our Love." More
Report: Karen People - of Burma Producer: Bridget Antwi Over 2000 Karen people have been accepted into Canada since 2006. This is a profile of two Karen people, looking at their life in Burma and th More
More than a dream Natalie Faith interviews Muhammad Al-Hallaaj, who grew up in Iraq as a Muslim, and through a long search, found peace in Christ. His story of persecution and a near-death experienc More
M. E. Daniel shares about his conversion from the Hindu faith to Jesus and the subsequent persecution he suffered More
Wife of Peter McKay, Nazanin Afshin-Jam McKay talks about the case of a young rape victim in Iran tried as a criminal and how she was led to get involved More
Jim Cantelon speaks to the Vicar of Baghdad about Christian persecution and the Summit of Iraqi Religious Leaders to discuss peace. More
Bridget Antwi's report on Christian Persecution in Egypt in 2011 - appearing: Maher Rizkalla, ON President of Canadian Coptic Assoc., Dr. Rafaat Gindi, Chief Editor, Al-Ahram Elgdeed Newspaper & Greg More
Denise Lodde reports on the persecution of Christians in Vietnam More
Jim Cantelon and Moira Brown discuss the report "Vietnam: Dangerous Faith" with the reporter/producer Denise Lodde. More
Denise Lodde reports on the persecution of Christians in VIETNAM More
Denise Lodde reports on the growth of faith in Vietnam despite pressure and persecution - many have been beaten, arrested and imprisoned - Greg Musselman, Voice of the Martyrs, Canada wants to empowe More
Denise Lodde reports on this organization that ordocuments and defends the plight of persecuted Christians around the world - she speaks with Paul Johnson, Exec. Director of Open Doors Canada More
Reporter Cheryl Weber tells the story of two orphans in India who, despite their pain, have an amazing commitment to serve God in their life. It also explores the challenges orphaned girls in India fa More
The Full Circle Ladies discuss a report about the story of two orphans in India who, despite their pain, have an amazing commitment to serve God in their life. It also explores the challenges orphaned More
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