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TOPICS: Parenting - Miscarriage
Liz's Mannegren's book "Embrace" invites us to explore the grief surrounding pregnancy loss. Sharing her own painful experiences, Liz gently creates an open and honest discussion about the mess and heartache such devastation creates. More
Joining Joel Auge in the studio to talk about their latest project are 7eventh Time Down band members: Austin Miller, Mikey Howard and Cliff Williams. More
Maggie John is joined by Adriel Booker today who hopes that by sharing her first-hand story, she can help combat the taboo surrounding miscarriages. More
Finding your purpose in this life can be a never-ending search for most people. We turn to many things to find it. A career… Money... Relationships... and religion. Emily and Aaron Armstrong were on this very same search in life. More
Magdalene John and Shane Wiebe speak with Ben Calhoun of Citizen Way about their new album 2.0. More
Logan Wolfram is the author of "Curious Faith" - Curious Faith is about rescuing the now…. about exploring possibility with a God who is unlimited, unpredictable, and ever-loving. An invitation to overcome feelings and outside circumstances that i More
Guest blogger, Katherine Brown, mulls on the haunting question posed by Save the Mothers' Executive Director, Dr. Jean Chamberlain Froese: What is the value of a mother's life? More
Carol McLeod has discovered a joy that can resist every storm and every disappointment that stands in a person's way. More
After going through 5 miscarriages, Carol McLeod slipped into the 'Black Pit of Depression'. Yet, she pushed on with a desperation for God's word and let the Truth transformed her life once again. More
19 year old Randy Maclean shares his testimony on how God changed him from an angry teen to a man eager to serve the Lord. More
Gregg Matte is the Author of 'Finding God's Will'. Here Gregg talks about how God can use the pain in life for glory. Sometimes God uses things that are extemely painful to help us find true peace and More
After suffering 12 miscarriages, Lorraine Hartsook teaches others how to "embrace the cross," learning how to die to self and desire change despite the risks involved. More
Heaven Is For Real #1 - Truth To Go; - Why Should We Care About Heaven? Todd Burpo is an Author, Pastor and Dad with an incredible story of his then 4 year old son Colton's account of going to Heaven. More
Moira talks with Lorraine who was born with 2 wombs, half the size of a normal womb and lost 12 babies through miscarriage. It was the loss of a dream that shook her trust in God. But God had a plan t More
Martin Smith, former singer of Delirious? and author of "Delirious: My Journey with the Band, a Growing Family, and an Army of Historymakers" talks on loss and choosing between his family and a music More
Lorraine tells of her struggle through 12 miscarriages More
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