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TOPICS: Parenting - Child Discipline
Author and Blogger, Tricia Goyer joins Maggie John to share wisdom from her book "Calming Angry Kids." More
Dr. Emerson Eggerichs is a family and relationships expert, author and founder of Love & Respect. Here he shares the parental acronym G.U.I.D.E.S which are 6 concepts that help us to parent God's way. More
One of the biggest predictors of the quality of your child's present and future relationships is how well they learn to express how they feel about what goes on within their circle of interaction. More
Teaching your kids to say "Please" may not be as difficult as it seems. For parents of toddlers and preschoolers, it all comes down to expectations and consequences. More
The more I grow as a mom, the more I learn to say yes. My yes is an affirmation to the things my children value. And when they see that I value what they care about, that ultimately makes us closer. More
Assigning kids chores is one of the best ways to build self-esteem and develop a feeling of competence. Your child will also grow up perceiving chores as a normal habit of life and establish a good ha More
Will Davis Jr is an Author / Pastor, Austin Christian Fellowship Susie is Author of, "Uncovered". Susie shares her testimony and how her husband, Will, was a great support in her time of need. More
Author Kevin Leman talks about the challenges of the teen years and what parents can do about it today! More
Moira Brown sits down with author Kevin Leman to talk about the challenges of the teen years and what parents can do about it! More
The Resolution for Men #2 - Resolve to Love, Protect and be the Leader of my Home. The Resolution for Men - Stephen Kendrick, Alex Kendric, Randy Alcorn More
As part of the Fully Resolved series... Daniela Lazzaro takes to the streets to find out people's views on values that families are often lacking More
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